Step into the fascinating world of Saurabh, a.k.a, Shiva-G, the genius behind Redlands’ hottest TapHouse, Brew-N-Chew. Imagine sipping on a refreshing craft beer while chatting about Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI. Sounds intriguing, right? Well, you’re in for a treat!

Shiva-G, affectionately known as Shiva, isn’t your typical brew master. He’s a maverick at the intersection of flavor and technology. Over the past six months, Shiva has been on a remarkable journey, using the power of Artificial Intelligence to create his own brands and craft beers that defy convention. At Brew-N-Chew, the beer aficionados can’t stop raving about his brews, and it’s not just about the taste but the story behind them. What sets Shiva apart is his ability to create unique, mouthwatering concoctions without the traditional brewery facilities or skills. How’s that even possible? We sat down with Shiva to unravel this incredible story of innovation, hops, and bytes. In this exclusive interview, we’ll delve into Shiva’s world of AI wizardry, his experiences in the brewing industry, and how he’s transforming the craft beer scene one byte at a time. So, grab a pint, get comfy, and let’s dive into the future of brewing with Shiva-G!

Dr. Gondwe: Shiva, can you tell us about your initial encounter with AI and how it all began?

Shiva: Certainly. So, I am crypto crazy, anyways. You see, I’ve been immersed in the crypto world for quite a while now, dating back to 2016 and 2017 when Bitcoin was still making its mark. Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s when things took an unexpected turn. During the pandemic, my social media feeds were flooded with talk of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. It was hard to ignore, and honestly, it piqued my interest. But the real game-changer came in January 2023 when I crossed paths with AI, and it just so happened to be the brainchild of Open AI.

Now, my journey into the world of AI wasn’t exactly planned. It all began as a tool for crafting emails and generating creative content. My friends and I were just having some techy fun with it, to be honest. We even tossed around the idea of creating a children’s book, courtesy of AI’s creative prowess. But, you know, AI can be a bit intimidating, especially with all those sci-fi movies portraying rogue machines taking over the world. So, I decided to delve deeper into it.

Back then, there was no fancy AI app to download – it was all about firing questions at it through a browser. So, I put it to the test by throwing some questions its way that I already knew the answers to, just to gauge its accuracy and knowledge. That’s when things got really interesting. AI’s responses left me utterly astonished, not only by their accuracy but also by the sheer volume of information it could provide in mere seconds.

So, I decided to push the boundaries a bit further. I have an 11-year-old son who’s supposed to read for 20 to 30 minutes every day. However, he would often complain about having already read everything available. Imagine that! That’s when I had a brilliant idea. I asked ChatGPT to spin a 30-minute yarn about ocean adventures with a meaningful moral at the end. The result? It was nothing short of magical. AI crafted a beautiful story with an underlying life lesson. The feedback was overwhelming. It got me thinking, “Hey, this could be the foundation for a series of children’s books!” My son’s reading time transformed from a chore into an eagerly anticipated daily adventure.

Dr. Gondwe: It’s fascinating how AI can evolve from a casual exploration. Could you elaborate on the moment when you decided to take it a step further, beyond casual use?

Shiva: Well, the turning point was during a casual conversation at a restaurant. So, picture this – I’m hanging out with a buddy at a restaurant, having a casual chat. As usual, I’m geeking out about OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 and its mind-blowing capabilities. We’re just goofing around, tossing crazy ideas into the conversation, when something incredible happens – We joked about starting a beer company, and suddenly, it struck us that AI could help us with that too. I threw out a simple question: “Can you tell me how I should go about to start a beer brand in Southern California.? Oh, and here’s the twist – I don’t want to run an actual brewery, and I don’t have all those fancy licenses or machines for canning and labeling.” And you know what? The response was gold. She (AI) rattled off this list of challenges like a pro, and not a single thing she said was something we could argue with. It was like a lightbulb moment, and from there, things just took off!

Dr. Gondwe: That’s a remarkable transition from a casual conversation to envisioning a business revolution. What were the first practical steps you took with AI for your beer company?

Shiva: Our initial step was to consult AI on how to start a beer company without the need for a brewery or packaging facilities. The AI generated a detailed list of steps, guiding us through the process. We fed AI with our dream, and it spat out a master plan that could make even the most seasoned brewmaster nod in approval. Step by step, it guided us through the intricate dance of beer birthing. “Find a contract brewer,” it said, and we thought, “Brilliant!” Then it went on, “Hook up with canning and labeling wizards,” and we’re like, “Genius!” But here’s the kicker – it even tossed in the idea of snatching up a distribution license if we could swing it.

Dr. Gondwe: It’s impressive how AI streamlined your business plan. Could you share how AI aided you in areas beyond the initial setup?

Shiva: Absolutely, Dr. Gondwe. AI became an integral part of our operations. It handled bookkeeping, accounting, and even helped me write professional emails. You know, there are some breweries out there that are pretty selective about who they let handle their precious kegs. I found myself in that situation with several breweries for nearly two years, trying to purchase their beer, but not getting any response. It was a real head-scratcher. Then, I decided to ask ChatGPT-3 for some help in crafting an email. In less than a minute, it spun up this incredibly well-written and professional email that covered all the bases, including the ins and outs of my taphouse. When I read it, I was seriously impressed. It contained details and nuances that hadn’t even crossed my mind. And here’s the kicker – I received a positive response in less than 5 hours! That was a total game-changer for me. Today, I proudly serve those fantastic brews on my taps. AI really worked its magic!

Dr. Gondwe: It’s clear that AI significantly optimized your business processes. However, there’s often concern about AI’s impact on traditional jobs. How do you view this potential shift in employment dynamics?

Shiva: That’s a valid concern. AI can make things easier and more efficient, which might mean we don’t need as many people for certain jobs. In my own experience, I didn’t have to hire an assistant or extra staff because AI helped me out. But here’s the deal: Don’t fight it! We should embrace this change and use AI to our advantage. Instead of pushing it away, let’s find ways to work together with AI to do our jobs even better and get things done faster. Let’s make AI our Assistance just like most of ask Alexa to turn on the lights at 6pm when we are not home.  It’s all about making our work smoother and smarter with the help of technology!

Dr. Gondwe: You make an excellent point about embracing AI’s potential. What do you see as responsible AI usage, especially concerning tasks that might affect livelihoods?

Shiva: Responsible AI usage is about using AI to complement human abilities rather than replacing them entirely. AI should be a tool that enhances productivity and provides support. In the case of education, using AI to aid learning rather than simply automating assignments can be a responsible approach. Unfortunately, I hear that a lot of teachers are scared of AI believe that it will lead to plagiarism. Well, here’s the scoop: It’s not just about what AI spits out. It’s about the questions you ask. If you toss it a random request for a 10-page paper on nonsense, you’ll get nonsense. But, if you’re serious about using AI, you gotta craft a smart prompt. That means you need to know your stuff. You’ll need to write a couple of solid pages with citations and logic. Then, let AI help you expand it to 10 pages. It’s not cheating; it’s making the most of your resources.

And let’s be real, if a student is using AI now to cheat, they were probably hunting for shortcuts way before AI danced onto the scene. It’s not about the tool; it’s about the questions you throw at it and the knowledge in your noggin. So, Teacher, your student, wasn’t going to learn anything anyways, in this class. You just got lucky that whatever you taught in the six months, he finally got it all together in that last one month or last week.

Dr. Gondwe: That’s a thoughtful and provocative perspective on responsible AI usage. Looking ahead, how do you envision AI’s role in our daily lives in the near future?

Shiva: I believe AI should become more integrated into our lives as a personal assistant. AI should be able to handle tasks like scheduling appointments, managing emails, and even drafting messages in a way that mimics our own communication style. It should be an intelligent friend that helps us navigate our busy lives seamlessly. Personally, that is how I approach her (AI). It’s like having your intelligent buddy who’s got your back in the whirlwind of life. When I chat with AI, I treat it like a conversation with a wise friend. I take a moment to gather my thoughts because, hey, it’s like talking to someone you truly admire. You wouldn’t waste that opportunity on nonsense, right? It’s all about asking the questions that really matter.

Dr. Gondwe: Your vision of AI as a seamless part of our daily lives is intriguing. As we wrap up, Shiva, what do you see as the future for your AI journey? What are your hopes for the years ahead?

Shiva: My hope is that AI continues to evolve and becomes even more personalized. I envision a future where AI becomes an integral part of our decision-making processes, making our lives easier and more efficient. I want to see AI evolve into a true digital assistant, helping us achieve our goals and navigate the complexities of modern life effortlessly.

Dr. Gondwe: Thank you, Shiva, for sharing your insights and experiences with AI. It’s been an enlightening conversation, and it’s clear that AI has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives.

Shiva: Thank you, Dr. Gondwe.

Shiva’s story shows us that AI, when used with big ideas and responsibility, can change our lives in amazing ways. As technology keeps advancing, Shiva’s story reminds us that there are endless possibilities for those who dream big, innovate, and embrace the future. Brew-N-Chew’s story is a testament to the potent combination of human passion and technological innovation. By seamlessly integrating AI into the beer-making process, this unique brewery has redefined what’s possible in the world of craft brewing. Their journey is an inspiring example of how embracing new technologies can lead to the creation of products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, offering a taste of the future in every sip.

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