Going to the movie theaters is an amazing experience. The moment you walk in, the smell of
overpriced popcorn slaps your nose, and the chilling A/C brushes your skin and you are
immediately transported to a different world. It always seems like all my problems get left at the
door and I look forward to being immersed by loud speakers and comfortable seats. To me it
doesn’t matter how good or how bad the movie is, I just enjoy my time at the theaters. There is
an undeniable thrill of watching a film on the big screen.
Theaters have been around since 1895, when two French brothers introduced a silent film that
amazed the crowds. Their success took them to America where the evolution of theaters would
begin. They started as short silent films accompanied by a piano playing with the film. The piano
was replaced by a whole orchestra. In 1905 the first theater devoted strictly to motion pictures
was opened and shortly after, many other nickelodeons were opened. Nickelodeons were small
family-owned movie theaters that started opening up all throughout the U.S. Eventually the
theaters developed and even turned into drive-ins. Drive-ins are outdoor theaters where you can
watch from the comfort of your car. There are many different ways to enjoy going to the cinema.
With the emergence of streaming services and other methods of watching films at home, it was
expected that movie theaters would not do so well in our evolving culture. Despite predictions of
their demise they have proven to stand the test of time. There is just something special about a
movie having your undivided attention, sharing laughs, tears and gasps with complete strangers
in a dark room.
Recently, movie theaters have faced unprecedented challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic
forcing closures and the growing dominance of streaming services. The theaters are unique
because there are many different ways to enjoy watching movies. For example, the cutting edge
technology of IMAX and 3D have helped theaters stay competitive. Also, theaters have stepped
up their game with reclining seats, heated seats and even food and snack delivery right to your
Theaters are a great way to spend a free-day or enjoy a date with someone you love. I urge you
to take the time to go see a film and just enjoy the 2-3 hours that you will spend there

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