Quincy Matthew Hanley, better known by his stage name Schoolboy Q, is an American rapper from South Los Angeles, California, performing at Cal State University San Bernardino’s annual end of the year festival.

In a night to remember, well known American rapper Schoolboy Q made his debut appearance at California State University, San Bernardino’s annual end-of-the-year festival, Coyote Fest. On May 3rd, 2024, the event, which drew in over 8,000 attendees composed of students and their guests, witnessed Schoolboy Q give an electrifying performance that left the crowd star struck.

From the moment he grabbed the mic, Schoolboy Q’s stage presence was undeniable. With his trademark swagger and commanding voice, he effortlessly captivated the audience, drawing them into his world of famous beats. As he launched into his setlist, which included hits such as “Studio” and “THat Part,” as well as some music from his newest album “BlueLips”, the crowd went crazy, singing along to every word.

However, during the performance, an unexpected incident occurred that added a twist to the night’s events. In the midst of Schoolboy Q’s performance, a shoe was unexpectedly hurled onto the stage, barely missing the rapper. While such disruptions could have derailed the show, Schoolboy Q remained unfazed, showcasing his professionalism and quick thinking.

Rather than letting the incident dampen the mood, Schoolboy Q seized the moment to connect with his fans in a truly memorable way. In a spontaneous gesture of goodwill, he stopped the music and invited the culprit onto the stage, much to the surprise and delight of the audience. As the student made their way to the stage, Schoolboy Q greeted them with a smile and proceeded to sign their shoe, turning a potentially negative situation into a lighthearted and unforgettable moment.

The interaction exemplified Schoolboy Q’s genuine appreciation for his fans and his ability to turn adversity into an opportunity for connection and camaraderie. It also served as a testament to the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of Coyote Fest, where unexpected moments can lead to unforgettable memories. His debut at Coyote Fest had certainly lived up to the hype, solidifying his status as a crowd favorite and leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Associated Students Incorporated (ASI), San Manuel Student Union, Office of Student Leadership Engagement, Student Affairs, and various other departments truly did an amazing job of hosting one of the greatest end of the year events thus far.

Just like in previous years, Coyote Fest offered an array of attractions to captivate attendees. Carnival booths boasting enticing prizes, thrilling rides, interactive activities, talented artists, mystifying tarot card readers, delectable food vendors, pulsating DJ sets, a captivating photo booth, and live entertainment were spread across the venue, ensuring there was something for everyone in the campus community to enjoy. Furthermore, the event was accessible to all CSUSB students free of charge so everyone could enjoy the end of the year kickoff.

With Schoolboy Q’s performance at Coyote Fest making headlines and leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance as well as surprise opening performance by latin Band, T3R Elemento, the event was indeed an unforgettable celebration that brought the CSUSB community together for an evening of excitement, entertainment, and camaraderie.

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