In the buzzing heart of California’s tech hub, Silicon Valley, it’s not uncommon to find brilliant minds passionately deciphering lines of code and turning ideas into digital realities. But venture a bit farther, to the picturesque campus of California State University, San Bernardino, and you’ll encounter a man who has mastered the art of not just navigating the digital realm but also thriving amidst its occasional chaos. Meet Ken Han, the Professor and IT Consultant in the College of Arts and Letters, who recently shared his secrets to success with a group of eager student journalists in a class session.

Professor Ken Han, a luminary in the field of Information Technology at California State University San Bernardino’s College of Arts and Letters, recently took center stage as an invited guest in Dr. Gondwe’s practicum class. As student journalists eagerly gathered around, poised with their questions, Ken shared his insights and experiences. Among the many pearls of wisdom he imparted, one particular aspect stood out – his extraordinary outlook on computer error messages and the art of troubleshooting. Brace yourselves for a fascinating journey into the world of Ken Han, where error messages transform into steppingstones for innovation and where a positive attitude reigns supreme.

With a remarkable 24-year career at CSUSB, Ken Han is no stranger to the ever-evolving world of IT. As an IT consultant, his role resembles that of a firefighter – always ready to tackle the unexpected blazes that threaten the smooth operation of critical IT systems. His secret weapon? Viewing every challenge as an opportunity to learn and innovate, a philosophy he passionately shares with his students.

Coyote Chronicle: Ken, your 24-year journey in Information Technology at California State University San Bernardino has been quite remarkable. Can you give us a deeper dive into your roles as an IT consultant and professor?

Ken Han: Absolutely! Picture this: my role as an IT consultant is akin to that of a firefighter. Why, you ask? Well, the world of IT is a dynamic, ever-shifting landscape. So, I’m always on the ready to tackle the unexpected blazes that threaten the smooth operation of critical IT systems. It’s like rushing into action whenever a digital fire breaks out. But that’s not all; I’m also a professor, teaching systems administration and scripting. Essentially, I get to pass on my hard-earned knowledge and experiences to the next generation of IT professionals. It’s a bit like being a digital Gandalf, guiding eager young hobbits through the intricacies of Middle earth.

Coyote Chronicle: One of your standout projects was the Next Generation Smart Classroom initiative. Can you paint us a more vivid picture of this project and what it aimed to achieve?

Ken Han: Oh, absolutely! First, I have to clarify that it is not my project. I give credit to the main initiators of the project, especially those who played a major role. My role was simply to offer support, particularly in the Department of Communication studies. That said, the Next Generation Smart Classroom project was like giving our classrooms a futuristic makeover. The idea was to upgrade the equipment in classrooms across both CSUSB campuses, making them hotbeds of cutting-edge teaching opportunities. We introduced a slew of enhancements, from top-notch microphones that could amplify a whisper to Wi-Fi connectivity that made buffering a thing of the past. New podiums, dynamic lighting systems, and projectors that could practically transport students into the heart of history—all of these upgrades were about taking learning to the next level. You could say we turned ordinary classrooms into something straight out of a sci-fi novel.

Coyote Chronicle: What was it that inspired you to embark on a career in this field in the first place?

Ken Han: Ah, that’s a fantastic question! I’m a firm believer that student success is my success. So, over these 24 years, I’ve seen the incredible transformations technology can bring. It’s like witnessing a time traveler marvel at the inventions of the future. I’m motivated by the idea of helping individuals and institutions navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. Think of it as being a digital trailblazer, paving the way for others in the world of IT.

Coyote Chronicle: Could you take us through some of the specific upgrades and equipment enhancements you’ve rolled out in classrooms?

Ken Han: Certainly! Picture this: we didn’t just stop at microphones and Wi-Fi. We brought in all-new cables, podiums, and lighting systems. It was like giving the classrooms a makeover worthy of a Hollywood production. And the pièce de résistance? Our projectors! We’ve equipped our classrooms with the kind of projectors that can make the past come alive and project the future. These enhancements have transformed our classrooms into spaces where imagination has no bounds.

Coyote Chronicle: As you look back at your illustrious career, what’s your ultimate end goal?

Ken Han: My end goal is a simple one: happiness. I believe that if I can make the people I serve happy with my work, then I’ll find happiness in return. It’s about creating a positive impact, one that resonates with everyone I interact with. It’s like spreading digital sunshine wherever I go.

Coyote Chronicle: For students eyeing careers in computer science or engineering, what pearls of wisdom would you bestow upon them?

Ken Han: Here’s the deal: Technology has left an indelible mark on our society, and the march of progress shows no sign of slowing down. We’re standing at the cusp of a tech-driven revolution, with innovations like 3D printing and ChatGPT leading the charge. Traditional jobs might find themselves outmoded. My advice? Embrace change, learn, adapt, and wield technology’s power like a true wizard. Those who understand and harness this digital force will thrive in this new world.

Coyote Chronicle: How do you perceive the university’s use of AI in education?

Ken Han: Ah, AI—a tool in the education toolkit. It’s like having a lightsaber—you can use it to bring light to the galaxy, but it’s essential to do so responsibly. AI, when harnessed wisely, can be a game-changer, enhancing our capabilities, streamlining processes, and improving efficiency. However, we must approach it with care and responsibility, just as we would wield a lightsaber cautiously. It’s about using this powerful tool for the greater good.

Coyote Chronicle: Thank you for sharing these insights with us, Ken. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Ken Han: Absolutely! Here’s a little nugget of wisdom: a positive mindset is your best friend. When you’re troubleshooting and problem-solving, maintaining that positivity can turn challenges into stepping-stones for growth and learning. So, remember, folks, when life throws you an error message, see it as an opportunity for a grand adventure in the world of IT!

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