A sneak peek of the bat mitzvah montage with the rabbi Cosgrove in Israel

California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is embroiled in controversy after inviting Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove to speak on campus, sparking outrage over his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Basha Jamil, Policy Manager for the Council on American-Islamic Relations Greater Los Angeles area office (CAIR-LA), blasted the decision in a scathing letter. She highlighted Rabbi Cosgrove’s history of supporting the Israeli military and his stance on the conflict, which she termed “genocide in Gaza.” Jamil’s condemnation goes further, pointing out the insult this invitation delivers, “especially amid such controversy and the protests following the cancellations of pro-Palestine speakers on various platforms, including the University of Southern California.” She questions why CSUSB would invite a speaker whose views some find offensive, particularly in the current climate.

Robert J. Nava, Vice President for University Advancement at CSUSB, responds to Jamil’s concerns by reaffirming the university’s dedication to creating an inclusive environment. In his letter, Nava emphasizes the importance of protecting the freedom of expression for both faculty and students, acknowledging their voices in shaping the campus discourse. He expresses regret for any distress caused and commits to ensuring that future speaker selections align with the values of mutual respect and justice advocacy held by the university.

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