Protest update made by @Sabihakhan on X

By: Jacqueline Flores

On April 29,2024, students part of the encamping protests at UCLA were allegedly thrown what seemed to be mice by the opposing side. Many of the mice appeared to have spots on their backs and were seen running out of a backpack soon after the bag was thrown. Many believe the spots are injections and believed to be stolen laboratory mice.

Protests have been occurring in college campuses nationwide as the tensions continue to rise in Palestine. Many students stand in solidarity with the people in Gaza and have been protesting in front of their respective schools, calling a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.  Protests started in Columbia University in New York on April 17,2024 with other schools following suit including some college campuses in California, such as University of California Riverside and Los Angeles. 

In many of these protests, students have been experiencing push back from different groups, such as administration, the police, and those in favor of Israel. Israel supporters have been counter protesting Palenstine supporters, with flags and chants, causing tension to rise on campuses. Many videos show the protests becoming violent, with some shoving matches and fistfights starting between both sides. 

On this occasion, many witnesses have reported seeing a group of Israel supporters throwing a backpack full of mice towards pro-Palestine protesters, with many claiming that mice seemed to have injection spots on their backs. Twitter account @sabihakhan, a user that has been posting protest updates, reports on their account with photos and  videos coming from an anonymous source. 

“Moments ago Zionists through a backpack full of mice into the #UCLA encampment. Mice appear to have been injected with something. School admin is not protecting students. @SanaSaeed @PplsCityCouncil @AjEnglish @CAIRNational @abierkhatib @SuppressedNws @BTnewsroom @ACatWithNews” – @sabihakhan

Many comments flooded the post, many posing concern over the possibility of spreading disease and others about animal cruelty, with an update about some of the mice dying on impact from the throw. Many are also accusing the other side of biological warfare.


“So biological warfare against protesters…. that tracks” – heyokavoy

While many are concerned, others are skeptical, stating they either want more information or more sources. 

“I need to wait for more info before I speak because if they’re really out here abusing harmless animals and potentially killing them as a tactic against peaceful protesters I am going to go nuclear” – @roun_sa_ville 

This incident is one of the many concerning situations happening at the front lines of this protest. The tensions continue to rise as many continue to update on the situations during protesting. The call for a ceasefire continues and spreads nationwide. 

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