Pink CD Player normally associated with the song 'Ulterior Motives'/'Everyone Knows That.'

There are various online communities dedicated to niche topics, one of which revolves around the search for ‘lost media.’ A particular topic that has gained attention in recent years is a clip of a song uploaded to by a user named carl92 back in 2021. For the past couple of years, internet users have been searching for the name of this song and the artist behind it.

Numerous theories have circulated, suggesting that the song may have asian origins or that the song originated from a one-time commercial. Eventually, this elusive song was given the titles ‘Ulterior Motives’ and ‘Everyone Knows That.’

This piece of ‘lost media’ gained traction on TikTok back in February. Many created videos with the song as background music with a short sketch. Many also created some outlandish theories for laughs. The popularity of this piece of media presented a challenge for dedicated seekers of lost media as numerous individuals fabricated stories about their supposed connections to the song. This made it hard for them to figure out where what was being said was true or false. 

Although the song eventually faded from TikTok’s spotlight, it remained a persistent curiosity for some. After years of searching, on April 28, 2024, a Reddit user finally uncovered the song’s origins. Composed by Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth, it is said to have been featured in an 80s adult film. Despite multiple uploads of the song online with NSFW audio edited out, a ‘clean’ version has yet to be found.

The internet has come together to find humor in the song’s origin, and despite its unsavory origins, many are relieved that it has been discovered. A TikTok user expressed, “imma be so so fr i’ve been following this since like 2022, and atp I thought it would never be found.” Another TikTok user commented, “I’m waiting for a release on Spotify.”

Those who have been following this investigation will be satisfied to see that it has been found. Like the TikTok user mentioned, many of us are also eagerly awaiting the official release of this song that captured the attention of the internet.

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