Photo Courtesy of Kiara Jerez-Navarrete – Left to right, Ryan, David and Phil. Members of DFYH posing in front of their instruments getting ready to perform at the Coyote Experience 2023.

DFYH are the band that blew away their audiences as they performed during the recent lunchtime live event hosted by Coyote Radio. DFYH consists of band mates, David as the lead guitarist, Ryan playing bass, and last but not least, Phil playing the drums. What they all have in common is they are all singers as they perform with their instruments making them multi talented individuals who shine during every performance they participate in. 

Phil and Ryan were performing in a metal band while David was in a punk band and they met each other one day at a different show and proposed the idea to perform together as a group. There was previous deliberation prior to initiating a potential fascinating group, but DFYH admitted they needed to adjust the waves of music and allow a drummer in the mix. 

Phil, the current lead drummer, was then inspired to pick up the drums at the end of his time with his previous band. Phil was determined to create some change as a new member of DFYH. With Phil’s hard work and determination, it ultimately led the amazing and talented DFYH to perform together and start to amaze their audiences with every performance. Since then, it is no doubt that DFYH starstruck their fans from all over the Inland Empire with their diverse genres of music.  

Each member shared that they all really enjoyed each other’s taste in music prior to meeting. Coming together as a band, Phil believed it was a good choice to finally make music together and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 

“I think at this point now probably known Ryan for about fourteen, fifteen years now and David I knew around that same time but maybe one or two years is when we started hanging out and easily I’ve known these guys for over ten years now” Phil reminisces how long it’s been since they started their relationship with each other. 

Tracing back to high school,  where the mates met, they shared mutuals with each other and there was no doubt they would not cross paths with each other at some point in time. They all shared a fondness for music and even watched the same shows together at different places surrounding the Inland Empire. 

“From shows too.. because like there used to be a lot of backyard shows that would like to happen around highschool. I know like they used to go to most of them and I started going to them towards the end and that’s where we really started hanging out a lot, during that whole scene of backyard shows and all that” Ryan shares meeting for the first time. 

The genre of music their inspiration comes from is a ‘mixed bag’ as Ryan shares. DFYH have a lot of different influences such as Joyce Manor who brings a lot of the indie and heavier rock music. All three members write their songs independently as well as codependently and they all get to share their different personalities through the lyrics of their songs.  The process of collaborating together in music is first, writing songs independently and then coming together to share the musical findings they have come up with. From there, they have the opportunity to share their own individual music and perform together as one with support of the different genres that all audiences enjoy watching. 

“All three of us write songs independently for the most part and then we bring that song to the group and then everyone else kind of jumps on to it and then adds their instrument and their spin on whatever it is. So, I think that is another reason why a lot of the times in our sets it seems like things really kind of go off the rails and start changing very dramatically because there is a very strong chance that you know.. David has a certain vibe that I think he writes, Ryan has a certain vibe and I have a certain vibe so” Phil explains the process of writing music for DFYH. 

DFYH performs at various locations throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles area but when asked about their favorite memory shared while performing, all collectively agreed it was during an album release show at Phil’s house. The entire backyard gathered in excitement to watch DFYH perform and cheered loudly in support for the group. 

DFYH can be listened to on many streaming platforms such as Youtube Music, Spotify and Apple Music. Die hard fans would know they also have old gems on their Soundcloud profile and can listen to DFYH and their growth from the past to present making them an impactful and memorable band in the Inland Empire. 

DFYH will release a six song album at the beginning of next year and are hoping to release a single by December of 2023. To keep up with updates, DFYH can be followed on Instagram @dfyhca

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