Limitless, fun and edgy style with Brenda Janine

By Cesar Perez |Staff Writer| The combination of classic Taylor Chucks, flannels, and denim jackets all give Brenda Janine’s outfits a classic and edgy style. In the world of fashion,…


Combatting Homesickness

By Erica Wong |Staff Writer| College is frequently referred to as “the best years of your life,” but the initial adjustment may be a bit rocky. The combined pressure of…

By Chronicle Illustrator Joaquin Junco Jr.

Sam Harris and Bill Maher’s criticism of Islam

By Daniel DeMarco |Features Editor| Television host Bill Maher and author Sam Harris have become a hot topic in media recently for their criticism of Islam. Their criticism is resulting…


Student debt highest at CSUSB

By Anthony Silva |Staff Writer| While CSUSB student debt ranks among the highest in the state, California’s college students will reportedly graduate with some of the lowest debt levels. The…

bathroom signs were changed to be gender-neutral

“Bathrooms For All” event creates neutral place

By Aimee Villalpando |Staff Writer| Individuals of different sexes were able to use the same restroom in last week’s “Restrooms For All” event in the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU)….