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Photos leaked on the internet

By Jacob Collins |Staff Writer| An unauthorized third party service that saves SnapChat photos called Snapsaved was hacked on Thursday, Oct. 9. According to The Daily Beast, about 90 thousand…


Myths on Ebola debunked

By Yara Del Rio-Dominguez |Staff Writer| The Ebola virus has entered the U.S. Here are some facts about the Ebola virus and how it spreads from one person to another….

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Who, what, where, why of ISIS

By Francisco Casillas |Staff Writer| For the past year, ISIS has been the center of political media worldwide. With media bombarding readers with back-to-back articles about ISIS airstrikes and military…

Band members of Margot and the Nuclear So and So's.

Indie Rock band doesn’t waste time despite ilness

By Wendy Martinez |Staff Writer| Fans were expecting an amazing performance by Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s for their tour at The Crocodile Music Club, but did not…

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Orange County Market Night

By Ayumi Yoshihama |Staff Writer| OC Night Market is one of the biggest Asian food and entertainment events in Southern California. It was held at the OC Fair and Event…

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