What the $#*% Pardon my French

Xeolhades_mouth.svgBy Haecheol Jang |Staff Writer|

Usually, people do not use swearing as a literal meaning of a word.

Some people just use it to express their feeling, others just use it to overcome painful or nervous situations, and some people curse to look tough.

I like to play online games with my friends, and when we play games together, there are many different situations.

We laugh, have fun, become upset and swear at other users.

I have seen a lot of game players swear at other people or at themselves.

Swearing is not only common in the online world, but reality too, and CSUSB is no exception.

I often hear some cursing on campus and even in class.

It is not surprising to me butI have noticed a difference between South Koreans and Americans.

In South Korea it’s uncommon to hear swearing on campus and in class. Of course, some people curse but it is not often.

Swearing sometimes gives people a bad image, so why do we do it? 

People swear in painful or irritating situations, and it has been proven helpful for lowering pain.

There was a study conducted by Rosemary Fricker, Michael Jakowec and Patric Stanton,where college students were measured for how long they could keep their hands in cold water.

During this, they could repeat a neutral word or expletive word of their choice.

Sixty-seven students who chose to chant the expletive word reported less pain and endured an average of 40 seconds longer.

Ceaseless cursing can come off as annoying and uncomfortable to hear. However, it may be okay to speak on campus or in class occasionally.

Many students have mixed opinions.

“I think swearing in any place is one of individual’s freedom. It should be acceptable, and people don’t need to object it,” said CSUSB student Daniel Young.

On the other hand, student Sunny Lee, said that when she hears it she becomes, “nervous and shocked when students speak [that way] in class.”

She knew that it was not targeted at her, but she was embarrassed to listen to it.

“Everyone has their own freedom to [say] anything, but everyone also has own freedom to listen to what they really want,” said Lee.

There are some objective opinions to swearing on campus and in class, but most students agreed that it is okay.

If people don’t have bad intentions, it is not harmful but it may have negative consequences once you direct it at others.

Cursing may be acceptable on campus and in class, because ultimately, it is your freedom to do so.

However, it is important to remember that it may make some of your peers uncomfortable.

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