Vu’s 120 goals ties water polo record

By Amy Cutillo |Staff Writer|

Misty Vu is not only owning the water here at CSUSB but she is also leading herself into a life filled with much success.

Vu is a utility player for the Coyote water polo team. Being a utility player requires that you can play several positions competently, and that is more than likely the reason Vu is so skilled at her sport.

She has played the field now for three and a half years. Vu began playing water polo eight years ago as a goalie during summer school her freshman year.

“After my freshman year in high school, I just loved it. Everyday before practice started I’d have my bag packed already, and wake up an hour early the day of practice,” said Vu.

Since then she has built her way up, and as of recently Vu tied the previous goal school record of 120 and was named the nation’s leading scorer.

Her love of the sport stems from many facets. “I got hooked on the game because I like being aggressive and horsing around, and this is a sport where I can do that. The fact that I could be aggressive with someone I don’t even know is so fun, and I enjoy it,” said Vu.

Not only does Vu say this is an aggressive sport, but it also is a sport that she never stops learning from. “Everyday is a learning experience. I continue to learn more about this sport everyday. Playing water polo [for] CSUSB has taught me dedication. Rain or shine, I am in that water everyday,” said Vu.

Aside from playing for the water polo team, she is majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations.

Despite juggling a busy water polo schedule, Vu finds time to work, go to school, coach the swim team and also coach at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside.

Vu is currently a senior academically, but athletically she is a junior. Since Vu is not graduating until some time next year, she will be playing one more year of water polo here at CSUSB.

According to Vu, almost everything she has learned here has been due to Coach Sarah Reneker. “She has taught me everything. Her passion is what I feed off of. She teaches me everyday. Like I said, it’s non-stop learning when it comes to this sport, but every little thing that I know right now about this sport is thanks to her,” said Vu.

Knowing that she possesses the talent and determination to play the sport inspires Vu to continue to excel. “I want to continue to do this and see how far I can take it,” said Vu.

She hopes to eventually play internationally for a club team. Water polo is not just a sport for Vu, it is something that she believes will help her gain life experience.

“If you put in 100 percent at every practice, then you should apply that to your work. Give it your all no matter what. At practice we always say ‘Perfect practice makes perfect play,’ so if you always work hard then it will pay off,” said Vu.

This season she definitely showed where working hard can lead you as she was named to the Western Water Polo Association (WWPA) second team.

In a year where her team struggled to achieve success, Vu stood out as the captain and gave her team a fighting chance each time they took to the water.

Vu has one more year to showcase her talents and hopefully lead her team to victory. With seven upperclassmen returning next season, success is around the corner.

With a strong head on her shoulders and a positive attitude towards life, Vu will be making waves wherever she goes.