Virtual Reality, do you know about it?

sony_playstation_vr_morpheus_2By Nicholas Whitt |Staff Writer|

Virtual Reality (VR) is here, giving the option to live life beyond the means of reality.

VR machines are a way for people to become more immersed in video games rather than just playing them.

Every student interviewed was consistent in their knowledge of the technology available for virtual reality: none.

“I have heard about VR machines but honestly never seen one nor how to acquire one,” said student Travis Gamboa.

Many students are either unaware about VR machines and how they operate, or are just uninterested due to it being an unknown tech to many people.

VR machines allow for a more in-depth gaming culture, allowing developers to branch out into other avenues.

“Dropping the controller or keyboard would be amazing, allowing for the idea of the couch potato to vanish leading to healthier gamers,” said student Christian May, PC enthusiast.

There are currently four common machines that give you a VR experience: HTC VIVE, Virtuix OMNI, PlayStation VR, and the soon to release Oculus Rift.

The HTC VIVE comes with an audio jack so you may use your favorite set of headphones in place of the set provided in the box.

It also has the ability to read movement within a 15-by-15 foot room, allowing for wide-moving video games to be played.

The VIVE also provides enough space to have a healthier alternative for gamers, allowing for more immersive games that may simulate going to the gym or maybe running in landscapes of your choosing.

The Virtuix OMNI does not resemble the look of other VR devices; instead of being placed over your eyes, it is placed on the floor, and the player would move his or her feet to move around in the virtual world.

This can give players the ability to have 360 degrees of free movement while playing various many shooter titles, if the developer allows for it.

“The Virtuix OMNI, a sort of virtual reality treadmill,” started Ben Kuchera, of

Sony’s PlayStation VR, uses the PS4, is their new VR device that uses the Dual Shock 4 controllers for movement.

According to Richard Marks from Sony R&D, PlayStation VR goes further then gaming with promised partnership with NASA.

The Oculus Rift is to be released in 2016.

“This is the beginning of VR gaming,” said Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.

Oculus Rift is not out for consumers but has been given to developers and prominent social media figures who specialize in the video game industry.

When using the machine, picking things up or throwing them was natural, according to Gus Sarola, Co-founder of Rooster teeth, in ThePatch episode #120.

Later on, when using the VR machine, Ryan Haywood, an Employee for Achievement Hunter, said in ThePatch episode #126, the connection between virtual reality and reality was “Amazing,” as if they both coexist with each other.

VR machines are tomorrow’s games, allowing for more than a hands on experience.

You’ll never have to leave the house again.


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