Communication Studies Symposium

On May 1, the Communication Studies Department held an all-day event that included the presentation of student awards and discussion panels. The panels started early at 9 am in the Santos Manuel Student Union Theater….

Kyle Finck of LA Times meets with Chronicle staff

On Oct. 31, Kyle Finck of The Los Angeles Times spoke with Coyote Chronicle student journalists about multimedia storytelling and ways in which independent student media can acquire an edge. Finck met with the editorial staff first at 3 p.m….

Putting the pieces together

By Emily Anne Espinosa |Staff Writer| Los Angeles Times journalists and editors arrived on campus oct. 20 to discuss the recently published controversial articles about the San Bernardino community by the LA Times. Last year, the LA Times…

Journalists risk lives to report

By Alex Cardenas |Staff Writer| This year alone, a total of 40 journalists have been killed, and 211 have been imprisoned as a result of their work, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)….

Rupert Murdoch

The Chronicle on Honest Reporting

Eric Brown |Managing Editor| When getting the facts for a story, I always pursue them with the utmost candor and responsibility. Luckily, the publication I write for doesn’t have enormous overheads, pressure from investors or…