Start Strong and End Strong Grades Do Matter

BY KANDYCE HALL |Opinions Editor|100_0804

As I look back over my college career there is only one thing that I wish I would have done differently.


I wish I had been a better student.


With just 11 short weeks of time you must start and finish the quarter on the right foot, so that they can leave the class having learned something and having it reflect on their final grade.


Here are some tips to help you be successful in the classroom.


1). Sit in the front row or the middle row.


This may be known to some as the T-zone. The reasoning behind this tip is that most professors focus their attention to this area in the classroom.


Sitting in this area will help you pay attention in class, because you won’t have as many distractions from others in the class.


Your attention will be on the professor and the topic of discussion, as it should.


2). Go to professors office hours.


Professors want to see us succeed.


Whether you are having a hard time understanding a topic in class or you want an opinion on a draft of your paper go to your professor so that they can help you.


3). Discover a method of studying that works best for you.


Figure out if you prefer to study in group or study alone.


Whether you like to study in the library or at home.


No matter the method you choose sure you put it into practice.


If you find that one study method is not working then try another one. Keep trying until you find the perfect style.


4). Utilize the support programs for student learning such as the Learning Center and Writing Center.


Students can receive help in many different subjects from tutors in the Learning Center such as Math and English.


You can also schedule an appointment with The Writing Center to get help with any papers that their professors may assign.


Both centers are located on the third floor of University Hall.


The Learning Center is located in room 351 and you can find the Writing Center across the hall in room 387.


If you want to learn more about the centers visit the undergraduates studies website at


5). The final tip will be to take well-thought-out and concise notes.


Taking good notes is the most important part of succeeding in the classroom.


While many professors provide power-point outlines of topics that are talked about in their classes it is your responsibility to take down any additional information that may be given.


It would be a good idea to rewrite your notes after class so that you can have them neat and ready when you start to study them.


Developing good note taking skills will assist you when it comes time for you to study.


By utilizing these helpful techniques you should have no problem succeeding in the classroom.


Remember to start strong and end strong and make this your best quarter yet!




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