Yotes' Quest for Redemption! CSUSB Women's Soccer Squad Ready to Rumble Against Arch-Rivals Cal Poly Pomona after Concordia Irvine Heartbreak

San Bernardino, CA – The CSUSB women’s soccer team is gearing up for a crucial showdown against arch-rivals, Cal Poly Pomona, this weekend on September 23rd. Their spirits remain undaunted after a tough loss to Concordia Irvine University in a fiercely contested match that took place on September 12, 2023, at the CSU San Bernardino stadium.
The anticipation for the Concordia match was palpable, with a fervent crowd of enthusiastic fans converging at the stadium, eager to witness a thrilling clash between two highly skilled teams. From the opening whistle, it was apparent that both sides were determined to provide an electrifying display of soccer.

Concordia Irvine University wasted no time in showcasing their offensive prowess, securing an early goal just sixteen minutes into the first half. The CSU San Bernardino defense valiantly fought to stem the tide, but the relentless offensive pressure from the opponents proved to be a formidable challenge.
Nevertheless, despite the deficit, the CSU San Bernardino team displayed exemplary teamwork and unwavering determination. They continued to press forward, launching several promising attacks that were narrowly thwarted by Concordia Irvine’s resolute defense. The CSU San Bernardino goalkeeper emerged as a crucial figure, making seven crucial saves to keep her team in the game.
The second half witnessed Concordia Irvine University extending their lead with two additional goals, securing a 3-0 victory. Undeterred by the scoreline, CSU San Bernardino pressed on with unwavering determination, relentlessly creating scoring opportunities and maintaining their competitive spirit until the final whistle. Their commitment to staging a comeback was evident in their intensified offensive efforts.

Concordia’s goalkeeper showcased her talent with three crucial saves, denying the Yotes any opportunity to score. Despite the challenging circumstances, CSU San Bernardino refused to yield.
Throughout the remainder of the match, CSU San Bernardino continued to press forward with determination. Their passing sequences were executed with precision, and their ball control was impressive. Fans in attendance could feel the team’s unwavering spirit as they relentlessly sought to put points on the board. As the final whistle sounded, Concordia Irvine University emerged victorious with a 3-0 win. CSU San Bernardino may have faced a tough defeat early in the season, but they left the field with heads held high, exemplifying sportsmanship and resilience. With this loss, the Yotes now hold a 2-3-0 overall record.

Looking forward, the CSU San Bernardino Women’s Soccer Team is determined to rebound in their upcoming matches, once again demonstrating their resilience and unwavering determination. The loss to Concordia Irvine University serves as a stark reminder of the fiercely competitive nature of collegiate soccer, motivating the team to redouble their efforts as they pursue their season goals.
The impending match against Cal Poly Pomona promises excitement and suspense. These two formidable teams are preparing for another epic showdown in a rivalry deeply rooted in the early days of both programs. Close geographical proximity and a shared commitment to athletic excellence have shaped this rivalry into a defining element of collegiate soccer.

Both Cal Poly Pomona and CSU San Bernardino take immense pride in their storied tradition of success in women’s collegiate soccer. Their shared history of excellence has intensified the rivalry, with each team striving to maintain its reputation as a dominant force in the sport. However, it’s important to note that this rivalry is characterized not only by intense competition but also by a profound mutual respect between the two teams. Players, coaches, and fans on both sides acknowledge the talent, dedication, and sportsmanship of their rivals.

The highly anticipated clash between Cal Poly Pomona and CSU San Bernardino Women’s Soccer Teams is set to take place on September 24, 2023. The excitement is reaching a fever pitch as fans, players, and coaches alike brace for another thrilling chapter in this historic rivalry.
Soccer enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to attend this fiercely competitive match at the Cal Poly Pomona turf. The game will kick off at 4:30 pm and is expected to be a closely contested battle. Attending a rivalry sports game is an integral part of the university experience, and the commencement of the Fall 2023 semester offers students a golden opportunity to witness this epic showdown.
To all the Yotes out there, make your presence felt in Pomona, CA, and cheer on our women’s soccer team as they seek redemption and victory!

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