Relaxation Techniques that may fit your lifestyle.

11By Seungkyung Baek |Staff Writer|

Just Relax!, a workshop dedicated to Relaxation techniques to fit your lifestyle with certain obstacles of relaxation, relaxation techniques and coping with less stress strategies.

Stress is normal to have in your life. It could be helpful for working hard and motivating oneself, while excessive stress can cause unfortunate health issues.

The workshop emphasized various mindful techniques to reduce stress, and to prevent stress build up in you.

This workshop also offered information to manage stress in the academic life. They learned how to calm down and control your mind to decrease stress level.

“This workshop focused on presenting specific ways of finding relaxation in your life and prevents stress,” said Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Counselor in Counseling & Psychological Service, Wendy Brower-Romero.

For instance, the speaker explained; culture, personal values, gender role, society, family roles and expectation. These factors can influence our ‘self-care’ to be more comfortable.

“We practiced some mindful activities like the body scan, which is basic breathing meditation and mindful eating exercises,” said Brower-Romero.

The workshop also talked about relaxation techniques with mindful activities, while also giving examples.

Some of the examples are; Mindful walking, driving and waiting.

Brower-Romero emphasized that literally anything can be done if you put your mind to it, when it comes to varieties of techniques for relaxation.

“We discussed how we incorporate mindfulness into our daily life to practice relaxation.” said Brower-Romero.

The main purpose of this workshop is that giving information and ideas of how they can fit relaxation and reduce stress into their busy lifestyle. The relaxation techniques are simple, quick, and inexpensive.

Attendants had time to meditate for around five minutes, with the speaker’s restful instruction.

There were resources to inform and help to get relaxation; try a daily meditation from 11:30 a.m to noon

Some students gave their personal opinions on attending this workshop.

“What I learned in this workshop was that many people including myself aren’t aware of how important it is for a person to have time to relax their mind,” said student Mirna Lopez.

Students are not having trouble thinking of ways to relax, it’s an issue for them to be able to implement them.

“I felt that this workshop was helpful for me in terms of relaxing myself a bit more. I recommend this workshop for people whom are stressed out,” said student Heriberto Holguin

It gives piece of mind to know correct methods of relaxation then hoping yours will truly work.

“I think it is important to have workshops like this because we do not take time to learn about this information on our own,” said student Michelle Miranda.

People might not be able to self teach these concepts, so its great that we have this workshop to help those individuals

“I really liked this workshop because it talked about ways of relaxing and learning practical training to apply in everyday life to become relaxed,”

The workshop informed students how to behave to reduce stress in order to get relaxation for their body and mind, with instructions for those who need it.

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