Rec center offers help to incoming students

Credit: The Rec Center Instagram
Credit: The Rec Center Instagram

Credit: The Rec Center Instagram

By Jasmine Perez |Staff Writer|

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (RC) began the school year inviting all incoming freshman into its facilities to implement an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Fitness and Wellness center, helps students reach their fitness goals by offering classes with personal trainers or one of the fitness employees as a gym buddy.

The facility offers numerous free weights and machines including cable machines, treadmills, upright bicycles, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and step machines/climbers.

“Our personal trainers really know what they are doing and have the sufficient experience to teach these classes,” said America Zavala, a staff member for the RC.

“The students that attend the classes get really excited and leave satisfied,” continued Zavala.

The classes the RC offers for fitness and wellness include Boot Camp, Butts and Guts, Cycle Fit, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga.

“The different classes we offer are good ways to keep students motivated to reach their goals,” added Zavala.

Along with personal training classes, the RC also has a rock climbing wall that is 34’ high and 1,000 square feet. It also offers rock climbing competitions and classes to help improve rock climbing skills.

If students want to get a cardiovascular workout, the RC also has the Aquatic Center. The pool is open for free swimming to any CSUSB student.

Students can also attend the Aqua Aerobics class that is offered.

“The balance between education and your physical well-being is important to having a balanced life,” said Nadra Mamou, a staff member at the RC.

“In addition to your health, the RC is a great resource for students to meet each other and become closer to our campus,” continued Mamou.

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