Pros and cons of a gluten-free diet


Oatmeal and GF Oatmeal

By Diara Fowler lStaff Writerl

The gluten-free (GF) diet is probably one of the most demanding ones out there, for those that love bread and grains.

“Gluten is a protein that is usually found in grains, wheat, barley and rye. This particular diet excludes all bread, pasta and many baked goods,” according to

For those individuals that suffer from Celiac disease, have gluten sensitivity or just want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, this diet has it’s benefits.

“Not eating gluten helps reduce the risk of heart disease, cancers and many other health-related conditions like diabetes,” said Zumba Instructor Olivia Ochoa.

When not consuming gluten, the human body usually absorbs the proper nutrients it needs almost immediately after the diet is in effect.

This diet also helps to eliminate high-calorie carbs, which are known for making the body feel more “sluggish and bloated” added an article from

Another benefit of gluten-free diets is that they can help with weight loss. In order to get the full effect when cutting it out of your diet, it is highly recommended that you substitute gluten products such as bread and pasta and replace them with healthier, whole food options such as fruits and vegetables help burn the extra fat.

Lastly, this diet encourages awareness of label reading which helps to avoid processed foods.

“It’s just really important that you keep your proportions in mind when taking on such a diet for those looking to lose weight, as with many different combinations and the right proportion sizes from GF starches like brown rice and sweet potatoes two of my favs,” stated Ochoa.

As there are many positives within the diet there are also negative aspects as well.

In some cases where one would be believed to lose weight on the diet, they may actually end up gaining weight. Many labels of GF products will be marked, but they may actually contain highly processed carbs and sugar.

Unfortunately, someone that is not eating gluten is more than likely going to have a reduced carbohydrate intake vs. someone that is consuming gluten, because not all carbs consist of having gluten in them which some individuals are unaware of.

Most healthier options in the grocery store many of the products tend to be more expensive. So not only is the consumer paying more for their products but there is also a lack of variety as well so their options are very limited.

“One of the downfalls to eating GF would be just knowing all the facts and information behind it like potential side effects,” said Ochoa.

“Because we’re not getting all the iron or calcium most would from eating gluten products can sometimes lead to digestive issues or bacterial problems if your bodies are not use to it yet. It definitely takes time for the body to adapt mine took about  a few weeks,” said Ochoa.

Taking on a GF lifestyle can cause many different personal effects. It really just depends on the individual’s body needs but can at the end of the day become a success.


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