Post-Covid Supercross A2 Championship sells out Angel Stadium

By Haylie Spargo

Monster Energy AMA Supercross took place in Anaheim, California on Jan. 28, 2023, in a sold-out stadium. Many residents from San Bernardino County attended this post-covid dirt-bike racing championship event.

Dirt-Bike racing fans flooded the Angel Stadium of Anaheim on Saturday night filled with excitement and energy to see who would win the A2 Triple Crown title of Monster Energy AMA Supercross. This is the second year it has been held with fans in the audience since the Covid-19 pandemic. Excitement was felt and seen throughout the stadium as phone flashlights were in the air, cheers were chanted, music was played, and food and beverages were consumed.

This post-covid event brought a sense of community back to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim after a few years of the pandemic. The pandemic created many struggles for sporting events at this venue because although the events still took place, the fans and supporters truly created the atmosphere. The Supercross fans on Jan. 28 without a doubt brought the energy back to the stadium!

Intenseness is felt as the race begins, and motorcyclists take off. Photo by Haylie Spargo

The races were action-filled and you could feel the intensity between the racers from the start line. Unfortunately, Eli Tomac, a potential first-place contender, crashed and caused a wave of anxiety amongst a shocked crowd. Despite the crash, Tomac placed sixth. Tomac stated on his Instagram “Well, I’ll start off by saying I’m okay and will be just fine for next weekend.” Tomac and his racing career will continue!

Chase Sexton took first place in the main event and won the Triple Crown title. Chase Sexton is a part of Team Honda, his sponsor, and this was his first time holding first place this season. “That was an awesome race for me and I was super locked in,” says Sexton in an interview with Supercross. He won two 450SX races and defeated his competitors. He will need to defend his championship title throughout the remainder of the season.

Chase Sexton’s excitement of holding the championship title can be seen through his social media as he captioned his post “special night in Anaheim,” and “this feeling never gets old.” Media and sponsorships are an extensive part of Supercross. Monster Energy is the main sponsor alongside sponsors such as Oakley and Ralphs.

Not only is Supercross eventful and exciting, but there are also multiple charities to which money is donated. As listed on their website, philanthropy is a pivotal part of these races. A couple of these sponsors include Veterans & Military Support, Athlete Charities, Local Community Support and First Responders.  Supercross is also partnered with St. Jude. Motorcyclist Jett Lawrence campaigned by saying, “saving kids’ lives at St. Jude” in the Supercross advertisements.

Supercross takes place all over the country! Supercross campaigns heavily after each race to build anticipation and energy for the next race. “Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing has announced that Haiden Deegan will make his highly anticipated pro debut this weekend in Houston” as mentioned on their Instagram page. His father, Brian Deegan, is a Supercross champion himself, placing the ultimate pressure on Haiden Deegan.

San Bernardino County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County community members showed their support and brought their excitement alongside them on Saturday night in Anaheim. The fight for the AMA Supercross Championship is far from over with several events yet to take place outside of California that will be broadcasted live and are sure to be action-packed!

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