The AI-based targeting system can speedily process vast amounts of data to prioritize and assign thousands of targets for both piloted aircraft and drones, Bloomberg news reported 

In a resounding condemnation of violence and technological overreach, members of the Responsible AI Community have united to raise their voices against the recent atrocities committed against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. As advocates for ethical advancements in technology, they stand in solidarity with the oppressed, denouncing the use of AI-driven technologies in warfare and the perpetuation of biases that undermine the lives of Palestinians.

The Community’s condemnation stems from a deep-rooted understanding of technology’s potential to exacerbate discrimination, oppression, and state violence. They unequivocally condemn Israel’s deployment of AI-powered technologies in military operations, citing instances where undisclosed algorithms were used for targeting within the occupied territories and an AI recommendation system resulted in strikes against over 11,000 targets in Gaza. Highlighting the historical context, the group underscores how Israel’s technological-military complex predates AI utilization and has played a key role in the dehumanization of Palestinians. They point to the widespread use of intrusive biometric and surveillance technologies alongside AI-powered weaponry like Smart Shooter, which automates killing at checkpoints.

The Responsible AI Community further exposes the insidious ways in which seemingly benign technologies have been weaponized against Palestinians. Cases where social media platforms translated innocuous Arabic phrases to incendiary content and biased AI-generated images upon mentioning ‘Palestinian’ reveal the inherent biases embedded within the tech-facilitated media ecosystem.
With a heavy focus on the humanitarian crisis, the group emphasizes the devastating consequences of the siege of Gaza, home to 2.1 million residents, a significant portion being refugees and children. They argue that this prolonged oppression constitutes a form of genocide, with a staggering death toll of 11,078 Palestinians in Gaza, the majority being women and children. Calling for immediate action, the Responsible AI Community demands the withdrawal of technology support to the Israeli government, protection for employees who speak out against these actions, and an end to censorship on social media platforms that hinder the sharing of Gazans’ and Palestinians’ realities.

In closing, they extend a call to action to their colleagues within the tech sector, urging them to stand in solidarity with Palestinians and to join the fight against the siege, bombardment, and occupation that have wreaked havoc on their lives. This unified stance from the Responsible AI Community serves as a beacon of hope, exposing the technological contribution to the conflict and advocating for immediate measures to mitigate the escalating crisis in the region. Their unwavering commitment to ethical technological advancements stands as a testament to the power of collective action in fostering a more just and equitable world.

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