Iconic Dutch bros signage in Yucaipa taken by me on a recent trip there.

Getting tired of only having Starbucks as an option for a quick drink? It is time for a game changer and that game change is Dutch Bros. What if there was another establishment on campus than just Starbucks? I propose the idea that CSUSB deserves to have a Dutch bros franchise on campus.

Starbucks coffee shops are staples not just on campuses but in any shopping center, open-air mall, workplace, etc. In California alone there are 3,104 Starbucks locations. On CSUSB Starbucks is technically the only place to get a quick coffee drink, but what about those who need something other than coffee or might even need something stronger coffee, but with a smaller budget? One might wonder why Dutch bros. Why not a Dunkin Donuts or a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? Well, picture this: Dutch Bros, known for its vibrant energy and a menu that extends beyond just traditional coffee. Imagine the convenience of having a Dutch Bros right on campus, offering not just the usual caffeine fixes but a unique array of beverages that cater to diverse tastes, something Starbucks is not very great at.

A Dutch bros on CSUSB’s campus could bring lots of positive changes for students and faculty in various ways. Firstly, a Dutch bros establishment on campus would automatically bring more jobs to CSUSB benefiting students who need to work for their studies or for some extra cash. In a time where lots of students need work studies or just need a job to keep up this would greatly benefit them. Another great reason to bring a Dutch bros establishment is that sometimes students and staff do not want just coffee.

Of course, most go to Starbucks for coffee, but some students may want a quick iced tea or lemonade. Whilst Starbucks does have a few of these they do not offer a wide variety like Dutch Bros does. They have endless flavor combinations and of course, you can always create your drink, there’s almost something for everyone. If you need a drink recommendation I would recommend an iced strawberry horchata made with chai and add the soft top and cinnamon sprinkles. Now for those who need more energy and Starbucks coffee just is not cutting it anymore, dutch bros offer what they call rebels, their version of energy drinks. A Rebel is an energy drink, much like Red Bull, but what they do at Dutch is they add various flavors to make a normal energy drink much more enjoyable and tolerable making it an energy drink most would enjoy. The drink options are endless at Dutch bros, they offer; smoothies, sodas, rebels, coffee both hot and cold, teas both iced and hot, and even milkshakes.

A big factor that makes Dutch bros better than Starbucks and would benefit students is the cost. Dutch Bros doesn’t charge for any substitutions. They only charge if you add extra shots or things along those lines, but they will not charge for any swaps. That is beneficial since most students are already budgeting and trying to not spend so much. It also helps as many students are turning to milk alternatives like oat milk. Of course that is not the only cost benefit. Overall, Dutch bros drinks are cheaper than Starbucks and the mediums are relatively bigger than a medium at Starbucks. A bigger drink for a smaller cost is a huge benefit to students and faculty. Along with this, they offer plenty of rewards and sales on the app which leads me to my next reasoning.

Rewards are universally appealing and Dutch bros have plenty of events and rewards both on their app and at their shops. Dutch bros love to give back as their point system is super simple and you can accumulate a lot of points in a short amount of time. On the app for every dollar spent is three points, now while it does not sound like a lot they offer tons of promotions to make gaining points easier. Oftentimes they offer double the points for every dollar spent just for going at a certain time or a certain day.

How easy would it be to implement that on a college campus? Another huge promotion they have that is huge is Fill a Tray Day. Fill a tray day lets you get four medium drinks for only 15 dollars. On campus you could gather three of your closest friends or classmates and get a steal together, also encouraging socializing but I will talk more about that later. Finally, all it takes is 250 points to receive a free medium drink on the app. It will rack up quickly especially if you are buying for your friends every once in a while or you’re like me and just really enjoy their drinks so you go there often.

An example of my stickers from a sticker drop when I went with my friends.

Finally, bringing Dutch bros to campus would help the campus become even more social. Dutch bros have an event every Wednesday of the first month where they do a surprise sticker drop. For every drink you purchase, you will get a sticker while supplies last. It is a fun way to bring out more students and have something to talk about while getting their drinks. Aside from sticker drops as I mentioned earlier, bring-a-tray day always has a huge outcome and lots of foot traffic. Imagine the joy of leaving class with your friends to get a coffee or tea or lemonade for a good price. Plus it would be fun to socialize with each other about what drinks everyone got. Finally, Dutch bros are known for their relaxed and chill staff. They are always happy to make conversation with you about your day or what you’re doing after you buy your drink and will even recommend stuff for you if it is your first time there.

Overall I think CSUSB will greatly benefit by adding a Dutch bros establishment on campus. It will help add jobs, provide coffee alternatives to those who do not like coffee or want something different every once in a while, and it is cheaper than the leading coffee shop Starbucks for a bigger size as well. In my opinion, Dutch Bros offers better drink choices at a smaller cost than Starbucks and will encourage students to socialize a bit more. As someone who loves coffee and also enjoys teas and other yummy beverages, a Dutch Bros on campus would help students stray from the everyday path of a simple Starbucks drink.

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