New season equals new shows

Ken Jeong stars in "DR. KEN". Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ ABC/ Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television
Ken Jeong stars in "DR. KEN". Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ ABC/ Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television

Ken Jeong stars in “DR. KEN”. Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ ABC/ Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television

By Jamey Johnson |Staff Writer|

This fall, new and exciting TV shows featuring blood, drama, mystery and a few laughs hit the small screen.

TV shows including “Code Black”, “Scream Queens”, “Dr. Ken”, and “Quantico” are the most talked about among CSUSB students.

“Code Black” is a series that takes place in L.A. County Hospital whom the main characters serve patients with difficult circumstances.

The show wastes no time getting to the “juicy stuff;” the first episode was already filled with blood and trauma.

“’Code Black’ seems more realistic how [it’s] a very active hospital and the graphics are amazing when it comes to the injuries,” said student Stephanie Dominguez.

You can tune into Code Black every Wednesday on CBS at 10/9 p.m. Central Standard Time.

“Quantico” was the show that everyone seemed to enjoy the most.

It’s well scripted with good actors. The story gives a look at the lives of the young FBI recruits battling their way through the “Quantico” base in Virginia when one of them is suspected of being a sleeper terrorist.

“There has not been a TV show [with] this concept, that I have seen so, having to wait a week for the next clue to the story is something I like instead of watching it in a movie and having the clues blasted at you over an hours span,” said student Andi Jackson.

To see what the hype is about, tune into Quantico every Sunday on ABC at 10/9 pm central time.

The not so popular ones were “Scream Queens” and “Dr. Ken.”

“Dr. Ken” is a sitcom starring “ The Hangover” star Ken Jeong, or “Mr. Chow,” who plays a physician with poor communication skills.

He tries to help patients and families at home in his everyday life.

After watching the trailer, Dominguez said, “Dr. Ken seems lame, I feel like the show is trying too hard to be funny and it looks too staged.”

My first impression was that it is a repetitive TV show that has been seen in previous years; a show that has been done consistently.

See “Dr. Ken” Fridays on ABC at 8:30/7:30 p.m. central time.

“Scream Queens” can be more relatable and/or interesting because we all attend a college with sororities.

It’s a show that has drama and comedy where a victim gets killed in a funny/weird way each episode.

For example, Ariana Grande stars in an episode where she is being killed and they add a comedic effect by having her tweet as she’s dying, and when they think she’s dead, she wakes up to hit

Although it doesn’t seem to be as popular as the other shows the atmosphere is something common you see all the time at universities.

After asking student Brittanie Gutierrez if she would want to tune into next week’s episode she said, “No, they over-hyped it and it follows the stereotypical horror-thriller formula.”

“It’s not a new show in terms of the plot. It reminds me more of Scream, the show, just more comical and on network television,” she continued.

Get your scream on and tune in to “Scream Queens” Saturdays on FOX at 11:07/10:07 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Overall, the feel of the of shows are all made in the hopes of having high ratings and either making us pee our pants or bringing tears to our eyes when our favorite character dies.

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