Networking is advantageous for students

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By Michael Isberto |Staff Writer|

Networking on campus to build relationships that will help your career is more important than most students realize.

Students try to get in and out of school as fast as they can but they do not take advantage of university resources and the connections they can make on campus.

The CSUSB Career Center is one of those resources students should take advantage of before they graduate or else they could be holding a degree realizing they have nowhere to go.

“The mission of the Career Center is to support the career readiness of all students and alumni by providing advising, assessment, workshops, career events, employer networking opportunities, internships and job opportunities that result in the establishment or advancement of personalized career goals,” according to the Career Center website.

But are students aware of these resources? What good is the Career Center if the students do not realize it is there for their benefit?

“I haven’t really thought about networking or any of this stuff,” said student Raquel Cuevas.

“It’s not really something people stress to you before you start college, and I don’t really hear people talking about the Creer Center. But it’s probably something I need to look into,” continued Cuevas.

Resources like the Career Center are here to help us while we are attending school, but it can also prepare you for your future.

They can assist students with job searching, refine interview skills, and help put together their job resume.

These are important things we need to consider while we are attending CSUSB.

The university needs to promote the Career Center and all similar resources more.

What students also do not realize is that networking should also be happening with your fellow classmates.

When you are in a particular major, the people in your class could potentially be the colleagues you will work with in your particular field.

The relationships you garner with your classmates, and the networking that is happening with your peers is essential to your future career.

“There are definitely people I’d love to work with after our college careers,” said student Adrian Alcantar.

“On the other side of things there are other people I’ve come across in classes I would never want to be associated with at all, and I would never want to work with them in the future,” concluded Alcantar.

Be nice to your classmates, or be prepared to live with the consequences of your actions.

Everyone you interact with could potentially be a collaborator, ally, or rival in your career field.

As a communication studies major, finding colleagues to lean on is essential.

As we develop our skills, finding our community is important in encouraging growth and finding niches in our field.

Finding colleagues who share common values and visions also creates momentum in future individual and collective projects.

Students should be making relationships that will last.

You should be building a tribe you can call on in your future career endeavors, creating a network that you can count on when you leave CSUSB to conquer the world.


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