Millennial Struggles

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Maria de Lourdes Campos |Staff Writer|

In today’s society there may be young adults whose lives have taken an unexpected turn.

Things like children, living expenses, and education take a toll on them, both physically and mentally because there’s that daunting feeling of what if, what if I can’t do this? What if I bite off more than I can chew?

The reality is that many young adults feel this sense of ineptness because they have goals and stressors pulling them in different directions, while trying to be active members of society.

Eventually these stressors take a toll on them emotionally, physically, and mentally. As a result, many young adults find themselves living with their parents because life is simply just too hard.

Last year alone, 15.1 percent of young adults ranging from the ages of 25-34 still live with their parents, according to The Census Bureau data by the Population Reference Bureau in Washington.

The CBPRBW reported that the proportion of millennials living with their parents is significantly high and hasn’t been that high since the 1960s.

This means that out of 82 million young adults living in the United States, a total of 41.2 million are still living at home.

Things like education, unemployment, and resources contribute to these statistics.

It is difficult for millennials to thrive with little resources and opportunities.

“It’s hard for me to move out of my mom’s when I’m only grossing little to nothing to buy sneakers,” said student Jesus Pavana.

It seems that nowadays jobs don’t pay enough to support today’s standard of living.

As a result there’s a financial and social disproportional discourse in the United States.

“In order for millennials to be financially okay, they must make at least a weekly median earning of about $574,” said student Katie Lobosco.

The reason why $574 isn’t enough is because of things like: rent, utility bills, car payments, insurance (both commercial and medical), groceries, and babysitters may be expensive and unreasonably priced.

When you take into account all of these survival necessities millennials need you find rather quickly that money is the determinant factor that forces them to stay home and live with their parents.

Consequently, because of this deplorable financial crisis millennials face, they have become more codependent on mommy and daddy to help them in these financial times, where money is scarce and opportunity is minimal.

“Living expenses like, food, childcare, and utility bills put an enormous amount of pressure on millennials, therefore, in order for them to be independent, they must work a full time and a part time job in order to be able to survive,” student said Hassan Al-qahtani.

“Many parents feel the pressure to take in millennials because they feel that if they don’t, millennials will struggle and hit rock bottom if they shun them away,” said Al-qahtani.

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