Keeping positive for a bright future

By Emilie Chacon |Staff Writer|

Positive thinking is a good habit that can help you get through hard times in college, work and interpersonal relations. Anybody can do it, it is easy and you can practice it anywhere! Here is how.

According to Charlene M. Proctor, author of the Official Guide To Positive Thinking, “Positive thinking is a process of choosing positive emotions from stimuli in the environment and applying them to perceptions and beliefs.”

Positive thinking can help you achieve goals, cope with stress or just help you live better with yourself.

Unfortunately, we are used to being harsh with ourselves and we don’t hesitate to belittle ourselves in a way that we would never consider to be with other people.

One tip that can help you avoid negative thinking is to take deep breaths and write down all the negative thoughts you have in mind.

You can visualize those bad thoughts after you write them down and ask yourself how can you change them into a positive outlook that will help you through the hard moments in life.

Students on campus are already trying to live a better life by putting themselves in a positive state of mind.

“This is something I try to practice more, said Valery Beland, “I can’t say that it works every time, but I can definitely see a difference in my mood and my approach with work and school.”

Students Eric Law, Marisa Sanchez and Omar Diaz try to be more positive by hanging out with friends and spending time outdoors to avoid negative thinking and feel better.

Like them, Beland enjoys some time by the pool to chase the bad thoughts away. “Most of the time, it is really calm by the pool and it helps me focus on the good things, also, watching a good movie is also something that makes me feel good. It chases all the bad thoughts from my head and I feel better.”

According to Remez Sasson from the website Success Consciousness, here are some other tips to help you practice positive thinking: visualize a positive situation, expect favorable results, be positive with yourself and other people, replace negative thinking with something more constructive, and smile more!

Practicing positive thinking can help you a lot, but it takes some time before getting used to it.

You have to persevere and then you’ll see the changes.

You can be your own worst enemy. So, don’t forget, instead of telling yourself how much of an idiot you are, focus on the positive and you’ll start to see the difference.