Golf prepares for CCAA Tournament

By Shelby Hancock |Staff Writer|

IMG952840The Coyote Golf team awaits reward.

The Coyote men’s golf team has prepared all season for the California Collegiate Athletics Association (CCAA) tournament held April 20 through April 22.

As the golf season comes to a close, it allows the team time to improve their game and confidence as they enter the concluding tournament.

“The team has been getting a lot of practice and repetition in order to prepare for this tournament,” said senior business major Ryan Card.

The golf season included seven tournaments attended by fellow CCAA schools giving them adequate practice to enhance their game.

The season also provided practice against teams they will reface in the upcoming tournament.

“I feel decent and ready to finish on a good note,” said Card.

In the previous season, Card helped his team at Palomar College to finish second place in the state in 2009.

For the team, six of seven members participated in this tournament in previous years and feel confident because of their experience.

Junior Alex Coats has been preparing for the tournament all season. He’s focused on minimizing his mistakes and putting in extra work on his putting.

Two of the six players Alex Coats and Taylor Hood placed 24 and 27 last year at the CCAA tournament, while expecting similar results this year, if not better.

During the tournament, six of the CCAA institutions compete to move onto the next round.

The champion will then move on to compete against other Division II champions in the NCAA regional tournament.

“Our team will do well if we just stay in the present and stay focused,” said Card.

Other members of the team seem focused and dedicated to doing well in the tournament also.

Coats feels ready going into the tournament.

“I feel confident in my game. I just need to make sure I focus on maintaining my focus,” said Coats.

Coats continued, “I think the team has been pushing each other a lot lately and I think we are going to perform this post season.”

Last season, Coats ended with a 54-hole best finish, which led him to finish 24 at the CCAA championship.

During the Mustang Invitational held toward the beginning of the season, Coyotes finished two spots above Sonoma State.

The Coyotes then went on to finish two spots above Cal State Dominguez Hills in the InterWest Insurance Wildcat Classical Invitational.

In the Coyote Classic, held at Arrowhead Country Club, the team finished sixth out of 20 with three Coyote players placing above those of the CCAA competing schools.

As three of the seven players finish their collegiate careers the team is in it to win it.

The team members’ want to live up to their prior performance and are looking to end their season in the best way possible.

The two day tournament will be held in Stockton, California and will hopefully result in the next round of the NCAA tournament.

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