Above are some pictures including pieces of art that I painted and an example of exercising my creativity in the public eye through my job.

Expressing creativity through art, both painting and drawing is where I find peace. Painting is therapeutic, helping to relieve stress. Media consumes much of my daily activity, especially with hybrid learning. 

When I take a break from the screen I find a place I can put music on and paint. I would recommend taking time to express your creativity through a form of art. Everyone is creative in their way. If you cannot be professional in art, it is okay because it is an activity for fun. I find art to be interesting because there is no good or bad result. It is often fun to see how others portray themselves through visuals. Art is interpreted the way you perceive, feel, and see it. There are several perspectives and aspects to explore when thinking about painting allowing your mind to think freely. I enjoy the ability to have no requirements or restrictions when it comes to my artistic creativity. My favorite type of art is cartoon-based art. The type of art I struggle with is portraits due to the many shadows included but it is also challenging. 

Communication is the most valuable asset in one’s life. Communication comes in several forms: verbal, physical, visual, and emotional. Painting is a way to communicate your emotions through visual expression. Painting is a great way to share one’s ideas or feelings. My major is in communications and it uniquely ties into the things I enjoy doing in my everyday life, for example, painting and drawing. Not only is this a form of stress relief but it allows me to exercise and practice good communication skills. The idea of what you see is what you get in painting. There are several types of content that one can recreate based on one image. Not only is painting fun but there are several styles of painting. Styles include portraits, characters, and realistic painting. There are also several techniques to explore allowing you to add texture to your images and use variations of items to do so.

I have always been a creative individual. Initially, I dreamed of going to a culinary school because I enjoyed baking and creating decorative cakes. There were several baking classes I took as a child to learn how to decorate cakes. As a child, I enjoyed arts and crafts and I began channeling my passion for art through baking. In my Middle school years, I entered art classes and realized I could do better work than I assumed. I was involved in my school newspaper and was in charge of the pictures or art that was printed in the newspaper. I practiced art throughout high school, lost touch with my passion, and set it aside when I graduated. Now I find myself touching bases with the art once again. I now enjoy creating art alone, at times I will also do it with friends and family. I can use my ability to draw in my workplace which I find fairly interesting. I work at Starbucks and our visual representation of our product is what drawers clients in. The images people see create sales which is another form of art tying into communication. 

Art is an activity that can be done anytime and anywhere. There is art everywhere you go. You can see it at a museum when you’re driving, shopping, reading, and in movies. I enjoy following artists on social media to see different content. You may be around art more than you realize just by being involved in any social media platform. Social media itself is a form of art. Technology is advancing daily and it is allowing art to be easily accessible to a greater audience than it used to be in times before. The people who see it through social media come in touch with art without having to physically see it. I recommend looking at different types of art if you have the time.  

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