Eyebrow Extensions

browsssBy Stephanie Corral  |Staff Writer|

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows! Everyone seems to care about eyebrows more and more everyday now, causing new ways to achieve the perfect fleek.

Eyebrow extensions, a new rising trend that can be described as controversial, allows for those the ability to have the brows they desire.

Experts or connoisseurs of beauty are well aware of eyebrow extensions

Some students, however,  haven’t heard how eyebrow extensions are becoming a trend nor have any knowledge of its existence.

According to the social stigma, women everywhere want perfectly filled and shaped brows.

Our society seems to encourage the look of perfect eyebrows to the point where eyebrow extensions are an actual thing now.

We asked the experts as well as students where they stood on the new beauty trend.

Our CSUSB students though were unaware of what eyebrow extensions even were.

“Eyebrow extensions seem to be popular now,” said Jermaine Lynne Mendoza, a Sephora consultant.

Working in the beauty industry has made Sephora the availability to see the rise of this eyebrow trend and most of her clients look for products to give them thick full eyebrows.

There are individuals whom have no desire for this growing trend

Student Maria Jose Ceja feels that this eyebrow trend has gone too far.

“People seem to be too concerned with their eyebrows,” said Ceja.

In some cases, people become too focused with this trend and it has become a serious concern for women and how they look.

Both the beauty experts and CSUSB students agree that this trend began with social media, famous makeup artists, you-tubers and of course, celebrities.

The wanting for thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows has birthed the idea of eyebrow extensions.

“I think it is beneficial to all women that decided to get eyebrow extensions,” said  Abigail Querubin, a Sephora consultant.

One very important factor that ties the beauty experts and CSUSB students together is that when it comes to eyebrow extensions being for women who may have lost theirs due to any illness or disease it is positive.

“For women that have had diseases where they lose their eyebrow hair such as cancer it is beneficial to make them feel better,” said student Carla Gutierrez.

She feels cases like these are unique and the eyebrow extension trend wouldn’t be going overboard but being helpful to someone.

“It is very helpful for women that experience any illness that causes them to lose their eyebrows, it helps them achieve the look they would still love to have,” said Mendoza.

The opinions on eyebrow extensions are completely different.

Beauty experts see it as completely normal since they deal with women wanting this eyebrow look every day.

Students see the trend as going too far and eyebrow extensions simply being too much.

The one thing we did find to be common is that both sides agree that when women need it for health reasons it is beneficial and positive.

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