Rain or shine, Upland car enthusiasts came together at Wings N Wheels on September 10th, sharing their passion for cars and fundraising for Toys for Tots despite the heavy intermittent rainfall.

UPLAND, CALIFORNIA — On Sunday, September 10th, the town of Upland, California, came together for a day of cars, camaraderie, and a noble cause at the Wings N Wheels community car event. This event, held every Sunday between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM at the quaint Cable Airport in Upland, has transcended being a mere automotive showcase to become a cherished community ritual, uniting car aficionados and families alike.

Wings N Wheels isn’t your typical car and plane exhibition; it’s a two-hour celebration that seamlessly intertwines a passion for automobiles with a profound sense of family and community. Open to all without any charge, attendees are treated to complimentary coffee and encouraged to participate, even if their time is limited to just a few minutes. Beyond the stunning cars and airplanes, Wings N Wheels plays a vital role in supporting Maniac Mike’s Cafe, a delightful breakfast spot nestled on the Cable Airport grounds, where families convene to share a meal and connect after the event.
For newcomers to Upland, Wings N Wheels extends a warm invitation, offering an exclusive opportunity to forge meaningful connections with fellow community members.

The origins of this beloved community gathering and car show trace back to 2015 when it held its inaugural meeting on August 9th, organized to support and sponsor the Alzheimer’s Association. Wings N Wheels emerged from a collective desire to establish a regular, family-friendly car show in Upland while also making a positive impact on the local community. Since its inception, Wings N Wheels has swiftly evolved into an integral facet of Upland’s car culture, fostering connections among families throughout the area.

Wings N Wheels transcends the realms of automobiles, family, and charity to create a harmonious blend at this event. Attendees aren’t just friendly; they’re eager to share their stories and establish connections with others. The event also serves as a platform for charitable endeavors, often directing its support to local causes, with a particular focus on organizations like Toys for Tots, a California-based charity committed to delivering unopened toys to underprivileged children, especially during the holiday season.
Despite inclement weather conditions, Wings N Wheels attendees exhibited unwavering enthusiasm for their vehicles, readily engaging in conversations with fellow enthusiasts. Jacob, the proud owner of a classic Datsun Z, personified the event’s spirit, stating, “I’ve been coming here for the past four or five years now, and it’s become a part of me. I get to come here, showcase the old Z, share my stories, and always meet new faces like yourself. I reckon that’s worth wearing a few wet clothes for an hour, you know?” The rainfall did little to deter the majority of car aficionados, highlighting the deep sense of community and belonging at Wings N Wheels.

Wings N Wheels is not just an automotive showcase; it’s a celebration of unity, a testament to Upland’s vibrant culture. Its enduring mission is to unite the community and raise funds for charities that directly benefit its residents. As raindrops fell over Cable Airport on September 10th, conversations continued without interruption, underscoring the event’s essence as more than just a display of cars – it was a celebration of togetherness.
Wings N Wheels stands as a beacon of Upland’s culture, continually expanding and welcoming new members into its community. Its ongoing commitment is to unite Upland and contribute to charitable causes that enhance the well-being of the community. This event serves as a heartbeat of the Upland car community, with the funds raised here touching the lives of countless children and individuals in need.
For those in the Upland area, dedicating a mere 30 minutes of your Sunday morning to Wings N Wheels can be a profoundly rewarding experience that leaves an enduring impact.

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