Be prepared as the post fire smoke may reach higher levels of AQI categories of unhealthy  measurements. Photo By: South Coast AQMD 

A wildfire smoke advisory has been issued for Santa Clarita residents Saturday night, as they are now faced with the aftermath of post fire– causing the air quality index (AQI) high levels of unhealthy measurements. 

As the fire within the Santa Clarita and Castaic areas continues to affect residents, the impact on the stretch of land has now succumbed to over 15,000 acres. Post fire smoke, on Saturday, June 15th, levels of AQI reached PM2.5 levels, which is considered in the category of unhealthy for sensitive groups. While AQI resulted in the category of unhealthy for sensitive groups, another monitor from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), has determined the AQI levels are considered to be moderate as of Saturday evening. As the AQI has received detection of unhealthy quality air, resulting from high winds of Santa Clarita and Castaic Area, the conditions of the post fire are still at the early stages of determining the full effects on the activity of the fire, as well as the weather conditions. 

Santa Clarita and Castaic area residents are advised to understand and take precautions on the negative effects amongst themselves. There are still no predictions for the impact of the elevations of the smoke due to the fire that is currently ongoing. As the fire continues, only 8% has been contained, but still makes its way to three different counties: Alpine, Los Angeles and Ventura.Detailed forecast has been updated for Sunday morning, June 16th, which still reinforces the push from the post smoke may reach higher than the unhealthy category. 

Residents are to be advised to limit their exposure to the outdoors to risk the impact of the smoke that is ongoing. Safety precautions such as keeping all doors and windows closed, avoiding physical activity,using air conditioning and an air purifier, and the minimization of air pollution within the area such as no usage of candles, grilling, etc., are courses of action to take into consideration. If needed to be outdoors, safety precautions of N95 may provide some protection against the smoke. 

There have been numerous resources provided to tackle the fire that first occurred Saturday, June 15th, around 1:52 pm, in the city of Gorman, California. The cause of the wildfire is still unknown and is presently under investigation. Evacuation orders are still being issued as the fire continues to progress. 

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