An empty campus with no staff or students in sight during summer and possibly what the school would look like if strike demands were not settled. Photo cred: Esteven Reyes 

First year students are about to embark on their scholarly journey, unknowingly to them last semester was halted due to a faculty strike. Seniors feared their graduation dates would be affected or classes would have to be repeated due to a faculty strike. Some students may look forward to more days of the summer sun. Last year’s strike only lasted a day resulting in dashed dreams of slacking students. 

Students started to think they would have to pass picket lines of their favorite professors and staff. They plotted pathways to prevent prolonging their course work. Returning to community college could have been the results of the strike to some.  Possibly applying to out of state courses to prevent becoming behind. Thankfully, the horrors of empty halls did not last long. 

In the beginning of the year, California State University made a press release stating;   “The agreement enables the CSU to fairly compensate its valued, world-class faculty while protecting the university system’s long-term financial sustainability. With the agreement in place, I look forward to advancing our student-centered work — together — as the nation’s greatest driver of social mobility and the pipeline fueling California’s diverse and educated workforce.” 

The reassuring words are inspiring and promote hope to those returning for this fall. College courses can be confusing or complicated but those concerns should be connected to the actual class. Complications and cancellations are hopefully in the past for fall attendees. Last year’s strike felt abrupt for those attending classes. Even with the statement made students should be prepared… with sunblock incase of class cancellation. 

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