Every aspect of Regency Theatres Granada Hills whispers of an immersive cinematic experience. The screens are wide and clear, the sound system is state-of-the-art, and the seating is designed for your comfort. As the lights dim and the screen comes to life, you’re not just watching a film; you’re living it.” By Big Team

A controversial plan to replace the Regency Theaters and a dozen adjacent businesses with a 130,000-square-foot Home Depot store and garden center in Granada Hills is currently under review by the Los Angeles City Planning Department, according to a representative from the Atlanta-based home improvement chain.

The proposed project, located at 16830 Devonshire Street near Balboa Boulevard, envisions a sprawling retail space, raising concerns among local residents about potential increases in traffic and air pollution.

Evelyn Fornes, a spokeswoman for Home Depot, stated in an email, “The city planning agency is reviewing our application from a planning and design perspective and for CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act). Our timeline is still a few years out to begin construction.”

Maria Fisk, a Granada Hills resident and former member of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council, expressed her worries about the impact of truck deliveries in the residential neighborhood. “The neighbors are going to be experiencing truck deliveries even in the middle of the night,” she said.

Susan Mueller, another local resident, highlighted safety concerns for children near the proposed site, which is close to three schools. “The kids are crossing the street all the time. I think it’s a horrible idea,” she said.

Fisk echoed these concerns, noting that “no matter where the trucks are coming from, they are going to encounter school kids. The community is very concerned about that.”

Home Depot plans to demolish the theater and 12 businesses, including O.Tofu House & Pankko Tonkatsu restaurants, to make way for the new store and garden center. The company has launched an online form inviting supporters of the project to add their names to a list.

The site was purchased by Home Depot in the fall of 2021 for $37 million. Under CEQA guidelines, Home Depot is required to study all environmental concerns, including traffic and air quality, and provide mitigation measures as needed. “We study all environmental concerns, including traffic and air quality. At the city’s direction, we provide mitigation measures as needed to ensure that any project is built per the CEQA guidelines,” Fornes said.

The company argues that a new Home Depot store is necessary to address the growing needs of the Granada Hills community. “Granada Hills needs a Home Depot store due to the growth we are seeing in the area and to help address customer needs,” stated the company on its website.

Roger Quintanilla, a spokesman for Los Angeles City Council member John Lee, indicated that no hearings before the Los Angeles City Council regarding the Home Depot plan have been scheduled. “The case is still pending with the city’s planning department. No decision has been made,” Quintanilla wrote in an email.

As the debate continues, residents like Fisk and Mueller remain vigilant, voicing their concerns about the potential impact on their community.

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