Written by: Arizdelsi Martinez, Dakshayini Kasinathan, Stephanie Alvarez, Josue Oropeza, Jacqueline Flores 

On April 10, 2024, Paola Godinez Martinez emerged as the recipient of the first-ever Outstanding Professional Academic Advisor Award. As a student services professional for the undocumented student success center at California State University San Bernardino has made a huge milestone by demonstrating outstanding academic advising to undocumented students.

The Undocumented Student Success Center, which opened its doors in 2015 is the 4th in the CSU system and has since served the undocumented student population, provides a safe place where AB540 students and allies can get together, network, and provide support to each other. 

The newest Outstanding Academic Advisor Award, sponsored by the Stupski Foundation, is part of a $30,000 grant awarded to Cal State San Bernardino in order to promote the wellness of academic advisors. Martinez, in conjunction with Arturo Gutierrez from ASUA Academic Advising are the first grantees of the award. In which was allocated to different parts of the CSUSB departments. 

Paola, is serving an underrepresented community and has paved the way to their success. The impact she is making with guidance and support from the USSC office has been life changing. According to the Global Community for Academic Advising Martinez demonstrated the NACADA’s Core Values of Academic Advising, which are: caring, commitment, empowerment, inclusivity, integrity, professionalism, and respect

CSUSB extends its heartfelt congratulations to Paola Godinez Martinez for her outstanding achievement. Her dedication to academic advising serves as an inspiration to the entire campus community, and her impact on student success is immeasurable. 

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