95% of Voting CFA Members Support Authorizing a Strike!

In a powerful display of unity and determination, over 400 union members from the California Faculty Association (CFA) and Teamsters, alongside elected officials, community supporters, and students, are gearing up for a massive rally at the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach on Tuesday, November 7th, 2023. This rally, aimed at demanding fair contracts and showcasing their strike readiness, promises to be an event brimming with positive energy and a shared commitment to the cause.

The rally is scheduled to take place from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the CSU Chancellor’s Office, situated at 401 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802. This event signifies a pivotal juncture in their ongoing struggle for fair contracts, unifying CFA members and their Teamsters coalition counterparts. The central goal of the rally is to deliver a resounding message to the CSU Board of Trustees – that they stand ready to strike if the need arises. Rally attendees will partake in picket lines, a practice for potential on-campus strike picket lines, and they are encouraged to actively participate in chants to amplify their message.

This gathering will also include influential legislators and community leaders who will voice their support for the cause. The primary objective is to ensure that both the CSU Chancellor and Trustees are well-informed about the unity among the members and their allies. At the event, picket signs bearing messages such as “Strike Ready” and “Faculty Working Conditions are Student Learning Conditions” will be readily available. Extra picket signs will be distributed to attendees, allowing them to carry the message back to their respective campuses for local actions. Upon arrival, participants are requested to sign in at the CFA registration table or on the bus, especially for those utilizing chapter transportation. The prescribed dress code for the event centers around the theme “Strike Ready.” Attendees will receive red CFA T-shirts adorned with the message “I Don’t Want to Strike but I Will.” However, individuals are encouraged to wear their own red CFA T-shirts if they possess them. For sun protection, it is recommended to bring sunhats and sunblock.

Anticipated media coverage is expected, with a designated group of media liaisons present to cater to English and Spanish outlets. Attendees are advised to refer media inquiries to these designated individuals to ensure a cohesive and unified message.

This rally stands as a testament to the determination and unity of CFA and Teamsters members in their ongoing pursuit of fair contracts and their readiness to initiate a strike if the situation demands it. The event’s robust messaging and widespread support underscore their unwavering commitment to the cause, rendering it a memorable day in the continued fight for their rights.

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