The LA Fitness in Rialto, California has had multiple machines or tools that are not accessible for weeks long to paying customers. Photo by Noah Rigney

A number of paying people who look to enhance their fitness journey have been concerned with the conditions of the LA Fitness in Rialto.The LA Fitness in Rialto has had multiple machines that have not been working or undergoing maintenance for weeks long, paying customers looking to reap the benefits of these tools have not had any answers. 

The average cost of an LA Fitness membership is typically around $37.99 a month plus an initial sign up fee and on top of that an annual membership fee that is usually double or triple the price of the membership based on when you signed up. If members cannot access these machines, saunas or new training areas, is it really worth the payments? With paying those fees you would assume that you would be able to have access to everything in the gym. That is not the case here at Rialto LA Fitness, with machines down this has caused customers to consider the idea of making the switch to the competitor, 24 hour fitness which is only two blocks away. 

Jennifer Zamora who has been a member with LA Fitness for over three years voiced her concerns about the Rialto location. Jennifer stated that “ever since this location has gone under new management, things have not been the same and the lack of effort they put into this gym just shows how dirty things are or how we can’t use machines for months on end because they do not take initiative when they break.” Under this new management LA Fitness in Rialto has gone under renovation for a few months, they took out the basketball court that was accessible to everyone and constructed a new training area. It was told to members that they would be able to have access to this new space but in fact this was not true. The new management posted fliers and signs saying only those who request personal training will have access to this new area. How much is personal training? Despite paying your monthly membership, just one day of personal training is $50 which costs more than the monthly membership. 

The Rialto location is under a lot of scrutiny with all these matters of attention at hand. With gym equipment breaking constantly, no signs being posted and people continuing to use them there is bound to be a disaster.They can certainly face legal repercussions if there are no solutions any time soon. The empty promises certainly have a negative impact on their reputation. It is on the staff and owners to maintain the gym equipment and overall cleanliness of the gym. Will this new management start to take initiative or will they be complacent and lose their paying customers?

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