Classroom chairs line the hallways as CSUSB custodial staff conduct a thorough deep cleaning and waxing of each classroom | Photo By: Pedro Esquivel

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — The custodial staff at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) has begun a comprehensive cleaning and waxing project across all campus classrooms, aiming to provide a welcoming environment for Fall students.

The project, which began during the summer semester, involves removing all furniture from each classroom to allow custodians to wax and perform a detail clean in each room.

“We’re here all summer,” said Carlos Sandoval, a custodian at CSUSB. “Detailing, deep-cleaning every single classroom.”

CSUSB Custodian, Carlos Sandoval, proudly forming University Hall classroom chairs outside each classroom for a thorough floor waxing  | Photo By: Pedro Esquivel

The effort is part of CSUSB’s ongoing commitment to provide sanitary learning conditions for staff and students. The initiative highlights the need for performing extreme cleans to keep up with high occupancies. It also addresses the buildup of wear and dirt that accumulates throughout a school year and contributes to overall wellness of classroom occupants.

“We absolutely need to do this because once the Fall semester starts, there’s less room for us to conduct a detailed clean like this,” said Art Aguilar, an on-duty custodian in charge of University Hall rooms. “It’s not just student classrooms, but staff and professors’ offices need to be cleaned for their health and sanitation needs as well.”

The custodial staff’s efforts are essential to maintaining CSUSB’s cleanliness status. Today, the campus also contains the dedicated Environmental Health & Safety Department. The department aims to serve the university with a safe and secure campus environment by eliminating hazards and strictly adhering the safety standards.

On top of custodial efforts, the campus is also prepared to handle hazardous waste, radioactive material and is equipped to improve overall air quality within the campus as well as the local community.

The Environmental Health & Safety Department is open during the summer semester from 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday through Thursday and is closed all state and federal Holidays. Given the testimonies from custodians, their start time is much earlier to remain unobtrusive to summer learning.

As the summer cleaning progresses, incoming students and staff will see the benefits of a safe and sanitary campus when the Fall semester begins.

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