Tragedy Strikes: A civilian area bears the brunt of conflict as airstrikes devastate homes in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Our thoughts are with those affected by the violence.

In a deeply resonant message directed towards the academic community, Tomás D. Morales, President of California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), has expressed his profound concern and unwavering condemnation of the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East. The message underscores the university’s commitment to global peace and extends a compassionate hand of support to those within the CSUSB campus community who are impacted by the ongoing conflict.

President Morales began by acknowledging the collective shock and dismay that has gripped the CSUSB community in response to the unfolding events in the Middle East. He specifically highlighted the deeply personal toll this conflict has taken on individuals with personal ties to the region.

Taking an unequivocal and principled stand, President Morales categorically condemned the intentional targeting of civilian populations with acts of violence, characterizing such actions as indefensible. With heartfelt empathy, he expressed his deepest sympathy for the victims and their families in both Israel and Gaza, recognizing the universal sorrow shared by humanity.

In addition to this, President Morales delved into the global response to the conflict, shedding light on the explosive reactions that have, at times, exacerbated tensions and added to the suffering. He fervently called for unity and the collective rejection of hate, emphasizing that responding to hatred with more hatred does not bring us any closer to achieving peace. He urged the diverse CSUSB community to recognize the shared humanity that unites students and colleagues, emphasizing the significance of fostering a spirit of community and mutual support in the face of these trying times.

Concluding his message, President Morales called upon the CSUSB community to stand in solidarity, extending their support, unity, and collective prayers for peace in the Middle East. His compassionate and resolute message underscores CSUSB’s dedication to stand with and provide solace to its community during times of global crisis, symbolizing the unwavering values of peace and unity embraced by the institution.

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