Csusb host Cody's Pumpkin Patch during Homecoming Week

On October 26 2023 Osher Adult reentry center hosted a pumpkin patch during the Homecoming event at Cal State San Bernardino. To build a community with the members of San Bernardino County.

Cal State San Bernardino hosted a pumpkin patch to allow families and students to enjoy the holiday and relax from all the stress of life and classes by making pumpkins and enjoying food and music during the Homecoming week. After attending the event I found it fun, amusing, and satisfying with different events like face painting, food drinks, and desserts, and the main attraction was creating different creations with our pumpkin. To enter the event you have to log in to the Osher website and log in to the event then you can enjoy the accommodations of the event.

During the event people attending the event would grab a pumpkin and create silly creations with them using stickers presented on the tables where they can sit down and relax with their friends or family. After getting your pumpkin and getting a seat you can also get snacks and drinks from a food table. Then if you wanted to get your face painted they had a station with two face painters. When I arrived there were only a few pumpkins left so I got my own and sat next to my friends and created my pumpkin using the stickers given to me then after I created my pumpkin I got snacks from the table pumpkin-flavored pie, and a few pieces of cake, and relaxed from all the stress from my classes in a nice relaxing environment.

During this event, I decided to get an interview with one of the members working to get a good look at this event. The member I talked to about the event name was Sid and she gave me a good look into the pumpkin patch. She mentioned that the purpose of the event was to get families together and have a good time. During the event I realized that all the pumpkins were gone so I asked did they expected this kind of turnout and all the pumpkins to be gone and she responded that “they expected that all the pumpkins to be gone and taken by members they did not expect it to be that fast” even I did not expect that all the pumpkins would be gone that quick since the time I got there they had a few more pumpkins but at the start of this interview I realized that all the pumpkins were taken and were very surprised by that. This realization made me realize that this event turned out to be a success. I later asked if she attended last year’s pumpkin patch but sadly she did not attend last year’s event however she did attend this year however she felt that this was a good turnout and enjoyed the event.

After experiencing the event for myself and enjoying both the atmosphere and the activities from this event I think they should do this event again since the turnout was a great success. If I had to give any tips I would say to add pumpkins for people coming late to the event, more stations for families to have more fun with their kids, and more snacks for people to enjoy the fall season. However, if I was to rate this event It would be a 10/10 success in my eyes and an event that people should and must attend to enjoy a good time during the next spooky season.

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