The Faculty members have refused to settle on a 5% offer demanding a 12% raise as suggested in their earlier proposal.

Tensions rise as faculty members prepare for a widespread strike impacting California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB). Shock and disappointment ensue over what they perceive as an attempt by the university’s management to recruit students as informants during the ongoing faculty strike.

This revelation comes amidst the widespread strike affecting not only CSUSB but also all 23 campuses within the California State University (CSU) system. Faculty members, who have been withholding their labor since January 22nd in protest of the CSU Chancellor’s Office’s rejection of their demands, are now confronted with what they consider an alarming intrusion into the dynamics of the strike. Reports indicate that CSUSB’s management has issued emails to students, suggesting that they are obligated to “spy” on faculty members during the strike period and report any absence of instructors. Faculty members, already grappling with the challenges of the strike, view this move as an unnecessary and divisive tactic.
“We are shocked that CSUSB’s management has suggested this to our students!” exclaimed a faculty representative. “It creates an atmosphere of mistrust and goes against the spirit of solidarity we expect during these challenging times.”

The suggestion has stirred controversy on campus, with students expressing confusion and concern over being placed in a potentially uncomfortable position. Many students have voiced their support for faculty members, emphasizing the importance of understanding the complexities surrounding the ongoing strike. The faculty is calling on the university administration to reconsider its stance and foster an environment that promotes understanding and unity.

The controversy adds an unexpected layer to an already tense situation, as negotiations between faculty and the CSU Chancellor’s Office continue. Faculty members emphasize that their demands to the CSU Chancellor’s Office are centered around improving learning conditions for students. They are also protesting recent and proposed tuition fee increases. Starting immediately, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to email or call CSUSB’s President, Dr. Tomas Morales, and Provost, Dr. Rafik Mohammed, urging them to support a fair contract for faculty and improve overall campus conditions. Students are advised to check emails and CANVAS daily for updates during the strike, with a promise from faculty members to inform students when classes will resume once the strike concludes.

As the strike persists, faculty members, students, and the university administration find themselves entangled in a broader debate about the appropriate role of students in campus labor disputes. The outcome of these discussions will likely shape the dynamics of future interactions between the various stakeholders within the CSU system. Nonetheless, the Faculty members have expressed hope that the strike can be averted and call on the CSU Chancellor’s Office to utilize its substantial reserves to meet faculty and student needs, ensuring equity for all in the CSU system.

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