By Drake Citron, Mitch Turner, Estevan Vega, Marco Antonino Rimicci, and Jocelyn Martinez-Lopez

Picture above was provided by and shows the various ways communication is utilized on a daily basis.

On April 9, 2024 the CSUSB Communications department finalized the rebranding of the department to the Department of Communication & Media.The rebranding was done to provide better clarity of what falls under a Communications degree. 

The department is looking to have a more modernized name and create a clear distinction on what the degree encompasses. To encourage more students into the major with less apparent aspects of the degree having more light shed on them.

This change’s primary objective is to make sure to fully illustrate the range of a communication degree. 

Dr. Pérez Torres, faculty in the department, says “The new name highlights the essential role that media, and media production, plays in communication. Hopefully, this name change will clarify the academic and professional focus of the department.”

The inclusion of “media” indicates a specific emphasis on the study of various media forms and their role in communication processes that might not have been thought about without the inclusion.

The recent rebranding of the department will show the increased focus in media within the three different concentrations of a Communications degree. This means that there will be a stronger focus in media in Strategic Communication, Relational & Organizational Communication, and Media Studies.

New students and transfer students are likely to be looking for a choice of degree and this inclusion could help attract those who are interested in media-related fields, but might not have initially considered a communication degree.

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