One of CSUSB’s frequently visited signs by graduating classes are leaving more than just their paw print behind. (Photo Credit: Michelle Montes)

As the season comes to an end, so does the journey for CSUSB’s graduating class of Spring 2024. While the graduates are receiving countless celebrations and congratulations for their hard work and dedication, it is now time they face the harsh reality of life– cleaning up after themselves.

Of course, CSUSB’s graduating class wants to show their enjoyment of finishing the chapter of their journey. What better way to capture those moments than a photo? While a photo can capture the content for family and friends, the aftermath of littering raises a question of who cleans up the mess left behind. When the graduates enter the real world as they begin their careers, they are becoming individuals who are going to explore varieties of decisions– which might include what footprint they would like to leave behind. 

The mess of confetti that gets left behind is not all on the graduating students, those who accompany them also play a role into whether or not the mess becomes a new mark for CSUSB–literally. Some common places for a photo-op include the acronym of the school’s sign, Cody the coyote statue, and landmark of the school’s name. While these popular spots are indeed beautiful, it is all the more to take into consideration the aftermath of the overall appearance of the school.

The usage of confetti does not need to be eliminated completely. An alternative of using confetti can be replaced with a more eco-friendly solution, such as biodegradable confetti. By starting this trend, it will reduce the amount of confetti that is left behind on campus, all while making a bigger impact of influence for others to do the same. Not only will it be helping the school’s environment, but it will also leave the campus clean.

By Michelle Montes

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