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By Jackeline Montejano

On September 13, 2024, the California State University (CSU) system announced that their Board of Trustees approved an annual tuition increase spanning from 2024 to 2029. Since the announcement, students have raised concerns about the implications of these changes over the next five years.

Starting in the Fall semester of 2024, undergraduate students will face a 6% tuition increase each year, culminating in a total increase of 34% by the end of 2029. Here’s a breakdown of what students can expect:

2024-2025: Tuition rises from $5,742 to approximately $6,087.

2025-2026: Tuition increases to around $6,452.

2026-2027: Tuition reaches about $6,839.

2027-2028: Tuition climbs to approximately $7,249.

2028-2029: Tuition peaks at about $7,684.

By 2029, the CSU system anticipates generating at least $860 million in revenue from these increases, averaging about $148 million annually. According to CSU, the additional funds will be used to address funding gaps, improve and maintain campus facilities, and support faculty

However, many students have voiced their dissatisfaction, questioning the transparency, accessibility, affordability, and overall quality of education within the CSU system. 

Students Against Tuition Hikes (SATH) is a student-led organization focused on informing students and opposing increases in tuition fees within the CSU system. aim’s to ensure that higher education remains accessible and affordable for all students within the CSU system.. 

Key points discussed on their social media pages argue that the need for increased funding is dubious, given the CSU system reported $2.5 billion reserve & high administration salaries. 

Students are concerned that this substantial reserve contradicts the justification for the tuition hike and are demanding more clarity on how the funds will be allocated. As the CSU system moves forward with its plans, the ongoing dialogue between the administration and the student body will be crucial in addressing these concerns.

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