Aimee Alvarez, Coyote Radio and Advertising Coordinator, speaks to her team on a new project. Photo Credits: Damaris Preciado 

*San Bernardino, CA* — Aimee Alvarez, the dedicated Coyote Radio and Advertising Communications Specialist at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), is making waves with her groundbreaking initiative, the “Coyotes to Hollywood” program that is set to be released early 2024. 

Alvarez is in charge of making the unit run as well as spearheading any new projects, payroll, and grant applications within the department. Funded by the College of Arts and Letters, Alvarez makes use of funds and applies it to her students in practicums and payroll.

Coyote Radio and Advertising work closely together to generate work and productions. Coyote Radio recruits the production team and local bands while Coyote Advertising does all the marketing for them and outside entities.

This visionary project’s purpose is to bridge the gap between academia and the entertainment industry, offering CSUSB students a unique pathway to Hollywood’s exciting opportunities.

With a passion for radio and a heart dedicated to her students, Aimee Alvarez is the driving force behind this transformative endeavor. As she spearheads the “Coyotes to Hollywood” program, her vision is clear: to provide CSUSB students with a direct route to coveted internships in the heart of the entertainment capital.

Aimee Alvarez’s journey to becoming the Communications Specialist for Coyote Radio at CSUSB has been marked by unwavering dedication and a genuine desire to nurture the talents of her students. A graduate of CSUSB herself, she understands the unique challenges faced by students aspiring to break into the entertainment industry, which often seems elusive or a crazy dream.

With years of experience in the radio and entertainment fields, Alvarez recognized a gap between the academic environment and real-world industry experience. 

“I saw how students were eager to get hands-on experience but didn’t always know where to start. Many had dreams of working in Hollywood, but they needed a structured pathway to turn those dreams into reality,” she said. 

The “Coyotes to Hollywood” program, created from Alvarez’s dedication to her students, aims to build a seamless pipeline for CSUSB students seeking internships and opportunities in Hollywood. It’s designed to demystify the daunting world of the entertainment industry and make it accessible to driven and talented students.

The project boasts a multifaceted approach, including:

1. **Industry Connections**: Alvarez has worked tirelessly to establish connections with industry professionals, including CSUSB alumni who have made their mark in Hollywood. These relationships will provide students with invaluable networking opportunities.

2. **Hands-On Training**: “Coyotes to Hollywood” will offer workshops, seminars, and hands-on training sessions to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. From scriptwriting to film production, students will have access to a broad spectrum of training.

3. **Internship Placements**: One of the project’s primary objectives is to facilitate internships with reputable Hollywood studios, production companies, and media outlets. Alvarez has been in talks with several major players in the industry, and opportunities are already on the horizon.

4. **Mentorship**: Recognizing the importance of guidance, the project will connect students with experienced mentors who can provide insights, advice, and career guidance.

The “Coyotes to Hollywood” program has garnered significant support from the CSUSB community, including faculty, students, and alumni. Penny Drake, Professor of CSUSB’s Coyote Radio practicum, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative.

“Aimee Alvarez’s dedication and vision exemplify our commitment to providing our students with opportunities that can shape their future success. ‘Coyotes to Hollywood’ will undoubtedly open doors for our talented students.” she said.

Students are equally excited about the prospects of the program. Alexis Rios, a senior majoring in Film and Production Studies, shared her excitement.

 “I’ve always dreamed of working in Hollywood, but it felt like a distant dream. ‘Coyotes to Hollywood’ gives me hope that I can turn that dream into a reality.” She said.

As Aimee Alvarez continues to champion the “Coyotes to Hollywood” program, the future looks promising for CSUSB students aspiring to make their mark in the entertainment industry. Her commitment to their success and her dedication to building bridges between academia and Hollywood are poised to change the lives of countless students.

“Every student at CSUSB deserves the chance to see their dreams come true. ‘Coyotes to Hollywood’ is about making those dreams a reality, one student at a time.” Alvarez said.

With such passion and determination at its beginning, “Coyotes to Hollywood” is set to become a game-changer in the world of entertainment industry internships early next year. Thanks to the tireless spirit of Aimee Alvarez and the bright and talented students of CSUSB we look forward to this opportunity in Spring 2024.

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