Circle of Sisterhood

IMG_5007By Felipe Montano |Staff Writer|

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation took part in raising awareness for girl’s education at CSUSB on May 24.
The Circle of Sisterhoods goal is to provide funding and assistance to girls in developing countries.

They also support girls that face poverty in the U.S. and “uplift them from poverty through education.”

This foundation is a collective effort between several Greek organizations that are here on campus.

Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Delta, Alpha Phi and Alpha Delta Pi were the contributing organizations.

Each sorority individually focused on a topic of philanthropy, such as breast cancer or sexual assault.

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is the first to have each organization come together for a common issue here on campus.

“We decided to make it, its own thing,” said student Victoria Pelayl, a sister of the ZTA organization.

The organizations of CSUSB came together and collected donations for the cause; they sold pins and created a banner that encourages students to share why they feel girls education should be valued.

They also raised awareness online with the hashtag #circleofsisterhood. Each participant who put the hashtag, i.e. Instagram, would receive a colored bracelet that supports the expansion of girls education everywhere.

The mission statement of the foundation states that its impact will be through, “the collective influence of sorority women to raise financial resources for entities around the world that are removing educational barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression.”

These sorority women are all part of the Panhellenic counsel.

The Panhellenic is a collective of sororities that differ in each university. This counsel then decides which organizations will participate.

This is the first time our campus has took part in the foundation and in doing so, will establish a method for students to donate to girls in underdeveloped countries.

These sororities also take part in their own topics for philanthropy.

Zeta Tau Alpha is an organization that prides itself on their fight against breast cancer and spreading its awareness.

Kappa Delta focuses on providing educational programming for its sorority sisters.

Alpha Phi looks to raise awareness on women’s heart health with an emphasis on women’s cardiac research.

The Alpha Delta Pi sorority house contributes to Ronald McDonald house charities.

“We want to let the students know why they should value women’s education,” said Reyna Salazar, a member of the Panhellenic collective.

Since its start in 2010, the Circle of Sisterhood has expanded its impact to 17 countries that extends to four continents.

The foundation functions through the support of the sororities that want to impact and support education.
Through the website, there is an option to donate at any time for those that want to contribute to girls’ education everywhere.

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