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2015-06-04 11.37.37By Cecilia Gutierrez |Staff Writer|

Study rooms, laptop checkouts, a cellphone charging station and food/drinking amenities are just a few of the many services provided by John M. Pfau Library.

Assisting students since 1971, the library is a $4.4 million project covering nearly 166,000 square feet of the CSUSB campus.

On the library website, the division claims to be the campus hub for knowledge, research and technology.

The library also strives to motivate and empower people to be lifelong learners and thinkers.

In an effort to help students on their educational route the library, aside from its general purpose to serve as a center available for students to work on school related material, offers several additional services.

One of the newest services available to students is a cellphone charging station, located on the first floor near the south entrance.

Cellphones play an active role in many of our lives. Nowadays many students use cellphones to record lectures, take pictures of PowerPoints or review lecture notes prior to a test.

The library has given us the instruments necessary to further our education.

Other devices present within our academic learning are computers, laptops and copy machines.

Students are able to print from any of the computers throughout the library. The computers are linked to two printing stations, located at the Reference Desk on the first floor.

Printing is 15 cents per black and white page and 60 cents per colored page.

For those seeking portability, laptops are also available. This service was made possible in Spring 2013 by the Vital Technology Student Fee.

There are 80 available laptops for checkout. Consult with a member from the check-out desk on the first floor for more information. Make sure to bring your Coyote OneCard.

Black-and-white photocopiers are also available for student use and are located in PL-111A on the first floor, and on the third floor across from the elevators.

Another service available to students, specifically designed for groups of two or more people, are the Group Study Rooms.

The library has a total of 12 Group Study Rooms located on floors three through five. Locations and descriptions can be found on the library website.

All rooms are equipped with white boards and additional items like dry-erase markers and erasers are available at the check-out desk.

Most rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis. However, students can also reserve Group Study Rooms at study.

Among all the various services available to students, the one which happens to be my personal favorite is the Café au Lib.

This service is located near the front entrance of the library and typically closes a few hours before the library building.

Whether you need a quick snack or a hot caffeinated beverage, Café au Lib offers a small assortment of convenient grab-and-go food and drink options.

When the café is closed, vending machines, located two doors down in the Copy Room, is a convenient alternative.

This amenity and the other services mentioned are here to convenience you and help you on your educational journey.

For more information on the many services the library has to offer visit John M. Pfau Library, or call 909-537-5091.


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