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By Jennifer Martinez |Staff Writer|

Child auctioned in exchange for iPhone March 6

A teenage couple in China sold their 18 day-old daughter online in order to buy an iPhone, according to
The father, who was identified as “A Duan,” found a buyer online who was willing to pay 23,000 Yuan ($203 USD) for the infant.
The buyer reported this incident to the police, who later tracked them down and arrested the mother. The baby is currently with the buyer’s sister in safe custody.


From felon to model March 7

Jeremy Meeks, the criminal whose mug shot had people swooning all over social media, was released from prison in Stockton, Calif., and is now a model, according to
Meeks was charged with possession of firearms and was jailed for 27 months in February 2015. His mug shot racked up more than 80,000 “likes” after it was posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.
He has been signed to White Cross Management and is ready to start his new career.


A place to rest for thousands of homeless March 8

An ambitious new project aims to change the lives of homeless people with buses offering safe, warm places for homeless people and their pets, according to Metro News.
Simon Rowe, the founder of the Sleepbus project, is currently raising money via GoFundMe, and is aiming to have one bus on the road this year.
Each SleepBus provides 8,000 safe sleeps a year in secure pods with a spring mattress, clean sheets, a light, climate control and TV

Pro-gun mother shot in the back by toddler son March 9

Pro gun campaigner Jamie Gilt, 31, was taken to the hospital after being shot by her four-year-old son, according to
Gilt’s son found her loaded .45 semi-automatic handgun in the back seat of her truck where he pointed it at her and pulled the trigger.
Gilt was transported to University of Florida Health and was last reported to be in stable condition. She may face criminal charges for negligence in allowing her child to get his hands on the gun.

No Flowers, no testicles March 10
A Romanian man was admitted to hospital after his wife allegedly stabbed him in the genitals when he failed to bring her flowers for International Women’s Day, according to
Ionel Popa, 40, from East Romania, arrived at Vaslui County Hospital on Tuesday morning, where he required emergency surgery.
The wife, 40-year-old Marinela Benea, claimed the “flowers” story was made up and that they had in fact been arguing about his failure to do household chores.

Drug-Soaked Pictures March 10

A Virginia jail is no longer allowing inmates to receive personal printed photographs after officials found inmates chewing on pictures that had been soaked in a drug, according to ABC News.
The pictures were drenched in a liquid form of the narcotic-addiction treatment drug suboxone. Those receiving the photos would chew on them to absorb the contents.
The jail had already banned all nonwhite paper and any papers containing drawings or paintings because of the trend.



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