As heavy rains gloom over San Bernardino, residents are on edge as the threat of flash flooding becomes a reality. Emergency services must be on high alert, and precautionary measures, such as amber alerts are being utilized as the downpour worsens. 

As the rains over San Bernardino intensify, the city and surrounding areas are once again having to face the imminent threat of flash flooding. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued severe weather warnings, stating that there is a significant threat to life and/or property. They are also warning residents to remain vigilant and to take necessary precautions during this potentially life-threatening weather. With the water levels rising rapidly in low areas and bodies of water swelling beyond capacity, emergency services are on high alert to reduce the danger caused by these unusual weather conditions. Authorities emphasize the importance of staying informed through official channels and following any evacuation orders if issued.

The use of sandbags has been seen around the city, as well as here at CSUSB to help fortify buildings against the potential flood. The conditions of the roads are also severe—with visibility being reduced greatly and the risk of vehicles losing control is higher than ever. As a result, traveling is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Residents have been urged to exercise caution when trying to navigate flooded areas and any sort of fast-moving waterways. Power outages have occurred as a result of these weather-related damages.

These weather conditions are reminiscent of the recent memory of the flooding at our own CSUSB University Hall. The buildings’ basement was severely water damaged and had to be closed off for a long period of time, and most materials and devices held down below were also damaged beyond repair. This serves as a stark reminder of the major problems caused by flash floods, as well as the vulnerability of areas that are not prepared for unusual weather conditions such as this. The incident also derailed plans for a number of classes that were planning to be held on that level, further highlighting the disruptive impact these natural disasters can have on our community. What we learned from this experience is that proactive and preventative measures are highly important to mitigate these risks that may threaten us again in the future. 

As San Bernardino braces for the onslaught of heavy rains, the key things to remember throughout this entire experience is to remain resilient and focus on community. Collectively committing to facing the challenges posed by the potential flash flooding is key to navigating the uncertainties presented to us by Mother Nature. CSUSB and San Bernardino will endure through these rough conditions. 

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