7-11 stores now charge 25 cents for a bag instead of the usual 10 cents. People are talking about this change and wondering why it happened.

A recent, unannounced price increase on plastic bags at 7-Eleven stores across Southern California has raised eyebrows among customers. The cost has risen from the standard 10 cents to 25 cents, sparking debate. The change, which was implemented without prior announcement, has sparked a heated debate among patrons, with some questioning the necessity of the hike and others expressing frustration over what they perceive as price gouging.

The announcement came to light when William Sanderson, a concerned customer, took to social media to alert fellow shoppers about the sudden increase in bag fees. Sanderson’s post quickly gained traction, with many expressing their dismay over the price hike.

“Why the sudden increase? This is outrageous!” exclaimed Sanderson. “Stop shopping at 7-Eleven is the voice they will understand.”

However, not everyone shares Sanderson’s level of concern. Some, like Fonda Woodruff, questioned the necessity of purchasing bags at 7-Eleven in the first place. “How many people buy so much that frequently that they even need a bag at 7-11? Are you grocery shopping there or what?” queried Woodruff.

Others, like Jeremy Stuetzel, downplayed the significance of the price increase. “Getting a lil worked up over 25 centsā€¦ šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚” remarked Stuetzel.

However, James McGinnis offered a different perspective, drawing parallels between the bag fee increase and past instances of incremental price hikes. “That’s what people said when gas jumped from 75 cents to a dollar but it just keeps going and look at it now,” warned McGinnis.

The move by 7-Eleven comes at a time when California’s plastic bag ban is already under scrutiny. Lynn La’s recent article in the CalMatters news highlights the failure of the ban to curb plastic usage effectively.

“California’s plastic bag ban is failing. Here’s why,” reads the headline of Wade’s article, which delves into the challenges of enforcing the ban and its limited impact on reducing plastic waste.

While some customers, like Crickett Dyke, advocate for bringing reusable bags as an alternative, others, like David Swanson, have opted to take their business elsewhere. Swanson cited the price gouging at 7-Eleven as one of the reasons for his decision to shop at alternative stores.

As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen whether 7-Eleven will reconsider its decision in response to customer feedback or if patrons will continue to seek alternative shopping destinations in protest of the bag fee increase.

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