Break dancers heat up the floor

Jonathan Pangan and Juan Velasco battle free-style break dancing while auditioning for the “You Down To Dance” Event.

By Yezi Cho |Staff Writer|

“Calling All Dancers” audition, was held Feb. 14 — 16 in Santos Manuel Student Union theater by the Osher Adult Re-Entry Center’s.

The audition encouraged students to prove their dancing talents.

Intimidating break dances with heart-beating music were performed and it was enough to make students scream.

The audition started after students had a little bit of time to warm up and stretch.

The first person to audition was student Jonathan Pangan. He has danced for eight years, starting when he was in high school.

People gave Pagan plenty of applause for his free style dancing.

“I want to make impact through dance,” Pangan said.

Pangan thinks dance is a ‘stress reliever,’ especially break dancing, because it makes your body use different muscles that you don’t  regularly use, so it makes him healthier.
The next person was Selvana Elwardany who came on stage to perform her free-style belly dance. “Dance is not showing off. It is an art and talent,” said Elwardany.

She has danced since she was 5-years- old and now has an associate degree in dance. Her movements were impressive and passionate, with fast beaing rhythmical music to inspire her.

She was understandably out of breath after her wonderful 15-minute belly dance.

Juan Velasco showcased break dancing which surprised everyone. He says he credits his being a visual learner for his gradual understanding of dance.

“The only way to learn to dance is when they try to recreate their moves to my dance,” said Velasco.

Velasco and Pangan free battled at the end of the audition. This was a pleasing time for the audience because the atmosphere was very mellow. Besides battling it out on the dance floor they taught each other some of their dance moves since they each had something different to bring to the floor.

The students who auditioned will perform at the “You Down to Dance?” event. Chris Johnson, head of this event, held this audition to create a more diverse lineup for the following event.

After the audition, people conversed about dance. They shared information about other dance events that are coming up, such as “You Down to Dance?”
This event will celebrate different types of dance and diverse dance styles.

The main performers are students, some will perform solo, and a few in groups or as couples. Moreover, Johnson is going to bring one or two random people in to show off their dancing talents.

“You Down to Dance?” night will be held on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the SMSU.

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