Animal Collective’s “Painting With” Album Review

Animal Collective at The ParamountBy Arthur Medrano |Staff Writer|

A 4-year-long journey awaited the music industry for Animal Collective’s new studio album, “Painting With” which was released Feb. 19.

It is their 10th studio album, following the success of their last album “Centipede Hz.”

They hold a creative aspect in their art, drawing multiple influences from both electronic and pop music.

Following the success from their song “My Girl,” the band of old high school friends have mastered synthesizers and using harmonic vocals to create modern folk songs.

“You can never have enough funky, unique music come from acoustic and synthetic sounds. They should add much more to intensify the expressions,” expresses student Jonathan Andaluz. 

“The music really brightens up my day when going on long drives or having a bonfire with friends,” continued Andaluz.

One aspect to their early creativity also derives from the use of the psychedelic drug Lysergic Acid Diethylamide known as LSD.

It may not be the most conventional use of inspiration, but it surely does create a visual experience throughout the new album.

With a total of twelve tracks found on this record, there is no lack of impact from the lyrics; the exclusive ideas from “Painting With” will carry through with experimental vocals and late night dance anthems.

This album wasn’t a change of visual from their previous albums and uses three different personalized covers, including all the members with unique artwork.

They are often considered the new age “Beach Boys,” based off strength in vocal harmonies and combining abstract sounds to a fun mood as the previous band used to hold on their audience.

So far, the album has this energy that helps empower fans and is teeming with all sorts of weirdness that pop music tends to have. 

After listening to their song Golden Gal,” student Miguel Rivera said, “This song feels like an acid trip crossed with intergalactic space travel, and I wouldn’t expect anything less!”

“The band is so innovative, each sound intensifies colors and emotions within me I never knew I could get from music which I truly admire about their work,” continued Rivera.

Music tracks like “Vertical” and “Lying in the Grass” have kooky states as if I were to be looking into the world through a kaleidoscope.

Add in a soft touch of jazz and you experience music most artists don’t try to create nowadays.

Having a knack for weird, psychedelic songs is helping the bands growth to be more than just an indie band, but a band with spunk to their sound and groove in their stride into the mainstream world.

Following the release of the album, the band announced a tour starting Feb. 24 in New York City.

The tour will continue with over 40 shows throughout the year to help grow a larger fan base alongside the album release.

Most students who like experimental pop are pleased to hear about the tour, as they hope to continue this trippy experience live rather than relying on just one of their senses.

The artistic expression found in the album tells me that these men have created and will continue to create something special enough to share for many generations to come.


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